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Waiting list dilemma

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yotty Fri 25-Jan-13 16:24:22

I must now stop slagging off DS's head on this thread. He took my email, reworded it slightly and then sent it to the registrar. Now we just have to wait. Not really expecting to hear anything from Winchester now, but at least I feel like we have done everything possible to improve his chances of being promoted off the waiting list

yotty Wed 16-Jan-13 11:39:53

I think he is not proactive because he is getting near retirement and is running out of steam. He has watched loads of children move on to various public schools, many very bright children have gone to not so well known schools and have thrived, so I don't think he believes in being pushy with the more competitive schools. Finally, there are no other prep schools to compete with where we live. The next nearest school that prepares for 13+ is a plane ride away, so I don't think he is that bothered about how many children get scholarships and/or places at big name schools.
I have emailed DS's head with my draft and I am awaiting a response.

happygardening Wed 16-Jan-13 08:11:00

Is your head not being very proactive because he knows there is no need becasue you are in an undisclosed ranking on a waiting list (which you cant change) and you just have to wait for someone to drop out. Most heads like to get their pupils into the likes of Winchester because it looks good on their website although the entrance exam is different form CE and could be seen as a bit of a bore in a small school is this on the back of mis mind? . Or maybe he would rather put on his website that he got a scholarship into X? Or is it because he isn't a proactive individual? One never really knows what these heads what the agenda is. I personally would start off with your head (you are paying after all time to do something for his money).
2014 is still quite a way off Im sure you its enormously frustrating for you but he might say wait till the academic year starts in 2013 (perhaps the admissions office are likely to be mainly concerned with Sept 2013 admissions at the moment) and then chat to them especially as you've already committed yourself to another school.
As I've said to you before this is an enormously frustrating and expensive situation for you and i am so relived we never had this problem to have been turned down flat probably would perhaps have been easier for you.

yotty Tue 15-Jan-13 23:16:51

Have composed an email, but not sent it yet. I think I might send it to DS's head for approval, which may encourage him to draft something instead.

happygardening Tue 15-Jan-13 20:56:47

Why not then nothing to loose its a shame your heads not more proactive sort of sounds better coming from him. I'd also ask where he is on waiting list if I was you. The staff in admissions office are really helpful.

yotty Tue 15-Jan-13 20:28:12

HG. Yes, he has achieved all this since the summer. I just feel DS's head is not proactive enough. Now I have written it all down, it does look pretty good to me. Perhaps I should just send registrar an email to update him?

happygardening Tue 15-Jan-13 20:02:53

Is all this new? I suspect he's on the waiting list because they thought he has a reasonable amount to offer. Why don't you ask your head to have a word with the admissions dept. he can say what a star he's been and try and find out what's going on re waiting list and what would really help you what position he's in. Is there a cut off date when your going to have to give up or would you hang it out till the entrance exam in May 2014 hoping a place might come up. We know one boy who had a place but in the March before starting got an academic scholarship into a less academic school and his parents decided not to send him to Winchester. This I suppose might not be that uncommon plenty going to Winchester could easlly get scholarships into slightly less academic institutions possibly with some automatic financial reward which many parents in these tough financial times might welcome.

racingheart Tue 15-Jan-13 19:55:52

Is there any reason why giving them this info could work against him?

If not, tell them. There may be flexibility in the waiting list and if you sound keen and he sounds like he's developing fast this year - it's worth letting them know.

happygardening Tue 15-Jan-13 19:54:51

Is all this new? I suspect he's on the waiting list because they thought he has a reasonable amount to offer. Why don't you ask your head to have a word with the admissions dept. he can say what a star he's been and try and find out what's going on re waiting list and what would really help you what position he's in. Some have been offered definite

yotty Tue 15-Jan-13 19:05:31

We have already had to fork out for our back up school. So financially it won't make any difference to us. The reason I was thinking of touching base with Winchester was because DS had a great end of term report. Admittedly, it didn't say he had morphed into a genius overnight. But it did say he was a 'capable young man that was hard working, conscientious and participated in what the school had to offer. What it didn't mention was that he won the best poem for his year group in the annual poetry competition and a silver medal in an international essay competition. Out of school he won the coaches award at his fencing club(sadly not for his ability, but for his determination and commitment) and gained 3 gold certificates and 1 silver certificate at our local performing arts festival for drama. Does all this sound rather dull or should I be getting the message home to the registrar that he has plenty to offer?

happygardening Tue 15-Jan-13 18:15:49

I dont think it's like Eton where they don't fill all their vacancies the first time round and put some on the waiting list and gradually promote some I think they are just waiting to see who drops out and I also think unlike Eton you don't have to endlessly bombard the admission registrar with your DS's successes. When do you need to decide about the alternative? Personally as frustrating as this is for all of you I would wait till then and then contact him. I think from your previous postings your DS is already in or going to be in the scholarship stream (for another school) if not he will need to be if he is too get a reasonable mark in the entrance exam.
I dont know when people have to put there money where their mouth is for other schools; we turned down the place at St Pauls at the last minute 1 yr before my DS would have been due to go, I don't know when other super selectives e.g. Westminster, Magdalen College etc want you confirm that you definitely want the place but I would have thought this could be a time when there might be some movement.

yotty Tue 15-Jan-13 17:56:39

My DS is on the waiting list for Sept 2014 entry to Winchester. The registrar told me that he would be in contact with DS's school this coming Easter. DS had a successful Autumn term both academically and in his extra curricular stuff. Should I be proactive and communicate with registrar whilst everything is going swimmingly? If so, do I phone, email or write a letter?
I don't want to annoy the registrar by being too keen, but sometimes I don't think DS's current headmaster remembers every childs achievements and he probably won't remember anything DS has achieved outside school.
Any thoughts?

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