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Royal High School and King Edwards Bath. Which one?

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frankie21 Thu 10-Jan-13 23:08:48

Has anyone any current experience of the RHS and the newish head Mrs Dougall? The results look impressive and on open days it has a good feeling but the numbers seem to have dropped over the last few years - I wondered if there was a reason for this? Any experience or opinions gratefully received. DD is set to take entrance exams for RHS and King Edwards. King Edwards seems more competitive but again was amazing on the open days. All thoughts appreciated.

PeachesMac Mon 11-Feb-13 14:43:57

Hi. My daughter is at KES and she loves it. Since joining in September I have found she has grown in confidence and ability. I have a son and a daughter so that was the reason I wanted co-ed instead of choosing RHS. Couldn't be happier with it, small class sizes, lovely caring teachers.

JenaiMorris Mon 11-Feb-13 16:11:57

I wonder if the fall in numbers (I know NOTHING about this - it's pure conjecture) is down to RHS being a girls school with no corresponding private boys school.

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