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Asdan Reward scheme

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Madz Thu 10-Jan-13 17:25:25

Hi Just wondering if anyone knows about this and whether it's a worthwhile GCSE to have? My daughter is in year 10 and is doing it now and i'm not very impressed with what she's learning so far!

We did not want to do this in the first place but because my daughter was really struggling with maths at the time, we asked if instead of doing another GCSE she could do a support class so she could do extra Maths in it and have more time to spend with Maths revison. This was supported by the Maths teacher (who is also her form tutor) and she thought it was a really good idea as she was only predicted a D in Maths and they wanted to get it up to a C but she was really struggling. In all other subjects she is really good and is predicted all A's and B'and has already done part of her GCSE in English and got A* and Science an A. So it was only Maths that we were worried about hence wanting the extra help to try and push her grade up to a C, so that she would get all A-C.

Anyway her tutor said she couldn't see a problem but at the last minute one of the people in charge of options said no to it as although she struggles with Maths, the support is for people with special needs, so she suggested doing Asdan as she said they do number handling and other Maths skills. So i didn't really know much about this subject at all but on the advice of the teachers and because it was so last minute and had to pick and because of them saying it would help her Maths we agreed even though we weren't particularly happy.

So she has been doing it for the last few months and she hates it. She is the only one in the whole class who doesn't have special needs, she said that she fnishes the work and justs sits there while the teacher is still trying to explain to the other kids. She is just finding it so easy and doesn't see the point at all. She feels really patronised because the TA comes over and says things like 'Do you know how to use Google?'. 'Do you know how to spell the word Even?' She just feels really embaressed and like when she passes it won't even be a acheivement. Today she even came home with a letter saying they have to get bus to see how they go a journey and time it. She gets the bus every day to school so she just thinks whats the point? Another thing they have to do is take a picture of their room before and after tidying it!!

I just don't think it's helping her at all and don't think anyone will be impressed with that on her C.V or people will wonder why she did it?

Don't really know what we can do now though because it's a bit late to change to something else now because she will be four months behind everyone and hard to catch up really.

What does everyone think? Should i ask if she can leave? Or does anyone think it's actually a good thing for her to do? Or has anyone elses child done it and was it worthwhile?

BackforGood Thu 10-Jan-13 19:07:23

Sorry, no help to you, but this was on the lost of options dd brought home this week - I was wondering what it was.

BackforGood Thu 10-Jan-13 19:07:38


claricestar Thu 10-Jan-13 19:14:47

I'm surprised the school has let her on it. It sounds like a pre GCSE course aimed at students who are not expected to gain 5 A-C's. I think you should push the school to let her change options. She may have to do some catching up but if she is expecting A's in other subjects then she shouldn't find it too much of a problem. I am speaking as a college tutor by the way (also ex secondary teacher).

gobbin Thu 10-Jan-13 21:25:08

The ASDAN award is designed for pupils with additional needs and focuses on building skills for independent living which includes literacy, numeracy, community projects etc. It is an excellent qualification for the appropriate target audience, but this does not sound like our child. Her school has advised her poorly.

gobbin Thu 10-Jan-13 21:25:28

your child

Madz Thu 10-Jan-13 22:02:13

Thanks everyone for your comments, I agree that the school have made a mistake and i wish i had looked into it more myself but took their word that it would benefit her. Think i will e-mail her form tutor with all my concerns and see what can be done as she was on my side in the first place.

prelim29 Thu 10-Jan-13 22:13:13

It is true that the Asdan scheme is aimed at pupils requiring supported learning but there is no reason why your DD shouldn't complete the challenges - there is something to be learnt from each challenge and the course is what you make it.

The Asdan level 3 course (Cope) is taught at many 6th forms and accepted at some universities so if you daughter already has completed the level 2 course in year 10, for example, she will be able to do the level 3 with ease, perhaps in year 11.

Before you give up, speak to someone who has full knowledge on the course.

Madz Fri 11-Jan-13 09:19:16

Thanks Prelim, yes i will speak to the teacher and find out more about it first and maybe like you said she could aim for higher level.

crazymum53 Fri 11-Jan-13 13:26:25

My understanding is that the ASDAN courses are not actually GCSEs, but that the level 2 qualification is taken as equivalent to a grade C at GCSE. They are more applied and relevant to everyday life than GCSE courses.
For further details see the following link
As your dd is in Y10 the class will probably be preparing to take the level 1 course this year and level 2 in Y11. If she manages to pass level 2 earlier though, she may either be recommended to take the GCSE or level 3 qualification.
Really do think the school should have explained the qualification better though.

Inaflap Fri 11-Jan-13 15:23:32

The ASDAN award is not appropriate for your daughter but because of timetabling I fear she may be stuck with it. However, the COPE award is worth a GCSE and should be offered to your daughter to do in those sessions. Its similar things but to a higher level. Alternatively, could she just join another gcse class timetabled at the same time. She's missed a term but you could discuss with the teacher her catching up that work over the summer. Stupid of the school to miss a student gaining a good gcse in something.

Madz Fri 11-Jan-13 20:16:49

Thanks for the comments and advice. I've e-mailed the tutor today with all my concerns and asking if there is anything we can do so hopefully she will have an idea of either an alternative or at least doing a higher level of some sort. Thanks for the help.

Tamalam Tue 13-Feb-18 20:53:12

I was put on the Asdan programme also because I was struggling with math and English in school 14 years ago . to say the least it was the worst decision my parents made I was put in a separate class doing useless things like learning to stitch a button onto a scrap of fabric , walking around taking photos of council bin lorry’s and writing about what the jobs the council does it was soul destroying and embarrassing especially having to lie to my friends where I go on Friday afternoons ( when the asdan class took place ) I had no help for my math and English . Few months later it was exam time and I was told I would not be given marks for my exams ! YES I left school with no qualifications because of them ! Please please take your daughter out of asdan don’t make the same mistake my parents made .

Rosieposy4 Wed 14-Feb-18 11:21:58

Tamalan don’t you think it might be a little late for your suggestion. The OPs kid will have left school by now.

Tamalam Wed 14-Feb-18 11:31:27

Yeah sorry didn’t notice the dates

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