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ibizagirl Tue 08-Jan-13 11:56:13

Dd did her mock exam for ict and had them marked. She is in year 9 and it is definitely not her subject - she's not really interested in ict. Most of the class got a grade C. No-one got higher but a few did get D and lower. Apparently the teacher was not impressed that most got a C. She said she was "surprised and disappointed" and they need to do some "serious revision" for the real exam. Dd said most of the questions on the paper she hadn't a clue about as they hadn't learn any of it. They were given a workbook - which i had to pay for - and told to look at it?? Had a letter yesterday to say that the teacher has cancelled their exam because she felt it would be pointless putting them in for it and that they will now do it either in year 10 or 11. Surely a grade C in year 9 is ok and they could have got that exam "out of the way"?

webwiz Tue 08-Jan-13 12:06:27

Why would she want a C in year 9 when she can get a much higher grade by taking the exam in year 10 or 11?

cq Tue 08-Jan-13 12:10:13

If no-one got higher than a C then I would be questioning the teacher more closely. Clearly haven't covered the curriculum fully - and why take it so early anyway?

littleducks Tue 08-Jan-13 12:14:25

I think it is better to cancel the exam and retake when they have covered more of the curriculum, I would be a bit hmm that the teacher didn't have a better idea of their ability/curriculum before the mock though.

ibizagirl Tue 08-Jan-13 12:50:55

Webwiz: Dd wouldn't want a grade C, you are right. She is hoping for all A* in her exams!!

Cq: Like i said, hardly any of the questions made sense to the children. This is top set ict and they didn't have a clue as they hadn't learnt any of it. Sometimes exams are took early at dd's school to get them out of the way but most are took in year 10 and the remainder in year 11.

It all seems a bit silly to me to want them to take it early. Apparently other schools in the area got them to take ict early too and they had terrible results.

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