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Jan GCSE modules

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creamteas Sat 05-Jan-13 18:35:50

Anyone else have DC with January modules? How is the revision going? My DD has 4 papers (English Lang & 3 Science).

The science is not a problem, has always achieved As, so no worries there. But but the English is a real worry. As she is ASD she really struggles with interpretation and imagination.

It is not helped by the fact that it is not really possible to have any certainly about where the grade boundaries are anymore.....

creamteas Sat 26-Jan-13 08:40:33

Thanks Justin, DD did physics as well. No point worrying now, just have to wait till March....

JustinMumsnot Fri 25-Jan-13 14:54:01

Creamteas - DD said it was OK. It seemed to be fairly straightforward apart from the first supposedly easy question where she gave the same answer as one of the really clever boys in the class but another equally clever boy had a completely different answerl! No more detail than that! Waiting for her to come home and say how Physics went now.

creamteas Thu 24-Jan-13 18:15:35

Any insight from any one on chemistry this morning, all I get is a shrug hmm.

Just physics to go now, thankfully

creamteas Wed 23-Jan-13 19:53:36

I tried suggesting with my eldest, it didn't work, I tried again with my second, same again.

Third time round, I have given up with the 'helpful' suggestions and just hoping that the shut bedroom door is a sign of revision grin. To be fair DD, got some good results last summer, so I really ought to have faith... But well, you know teenagers are easily distracted.

Katy sorry to hear things are still difficult for your DD

KatyMac Wed 23-Jan-13 19:03:01

Oh how wonderful - congratulations

Poor DD was hassled today about some 'controlled assessment' she hasn't done

Well it's a bit hard to work when you keep falling asleep sad

boschy Wed 23-Jan-13 18:41:28

she gets a free AQA resit as a result of the debacle over marking last summer; and AQA is regarded as 'better' than IGCSE by the likes of RG unis (irrelevant to her). she wants to do the AQA resit as she reckons she can get her course work up to an A and then scrape through the exam bit and perhaps end up with a B.

I understand none of the exam ins and outs, but she seems to know exactly what she is doing, and apart from occasional episodes of vile bad temper/screeching she seems to be on top of stuff.

cream I too was really worried, I hope your DD can crack it. justin I feel your pain, none of my suggestions are ever helpful apparently either!

Maths will be our biggest hurdle, and I do foresee multiple retakes, god help us all.

JustinMumsnot Wed 23-Jan-13 18:31:42

Well done to your DD Boschy! DD is currently in her bedroom stressing about not being able to remember any chemistry for tomorrow's exam. I have made various suggestions none of which were deemed helpful.

creamteas Wed 23-Jan-13 18:28:50

Great news boschys, I am really worried about the magic C for my DD.

Why does she still have to retake AQA? I think I'd be suggesting quit while you are ahead grin

bruffin Wed 23-Jan-13 12:53:43

Well done boschys dd. Ds has his maths on friday. Not so happy about decision maths , but more confident with mechanical maths.
He has set himself high standards so i hope he does ok.

boschy Wed 23-Jan-13 11:49:07

SHE BLOODY WELL DID IT!!!!! got 66 marks, so only just off a B. Clever clever clever girl, so proud of her I have even had a little weep [embarassed smiley]

She's still got to sit the AQA one again, but the IGCSE gets her into 6th form to do her choices.

Hope everyone else's DC are coping wth the exams.

boschy Wed 23-Jan-13 08:43:05

DD1 gets the results of her English IGCSE today, everything crossed she gets the magic C.

TheOriginalSteamingNit Tue 22-Jan-13 21:05:39

Thank you for the nice posts this morning: don't you just hate it when you know you spectacularly mishandled things just before school, eh?

So I expect we shall all be seeing each other on a similar thread from May to August...

webwiz Tue 22-Jan-13 20:11:10

Glad things are happier in your house this evening TOSN.

DS has a bit of a controlled assessment pile up this week thanks to an early finish and a day off due to snow. French went well today so that one can be ticked off the list. No science exams thankfully I don't think I could cope with those as well!

creamteas Tue 22-Jan-13 19:58:43

DD had biology too, but no feedback apart from the usual ok! Also going Chem and Physics this week.

Thankfully no controlled assessments this week, but has French 'soonish' hmm. We got sent a timetable at the beginning of the year, but they don't seem to be sticking to it, and she is very vague on details!

JustinMumsnot Tue 22-Jan-13 17:21:02

DD was pleased with Biology. She had a German controlled assessment as well today which also went well. Chem on Thurs and Physic Friday and an English controlled assessment and then she can relax a bit (and so can we).
TOSN - that's great news about your DD's mocks.

TheOriginalSteamingNit Tue 22-Jan-13 17:17:16

Nothing here until Physics on Friday - dd has spoken to dp and they're on speakers again, and so are we...

and she got her mocks results today which were fab so maybe she's not quite the lost cause she seemed this morning smile

SwedishEdith Tue 22-Jan-13 16:26:56

Yep, my eldest has just come back - said it was OK, quite fair with some questions she had to think about and apply knowledge rather than regurgitate stufff (I'm clearly paraphrasing here grin)

Ormiriathomimus Tue 22-Jan-13 13:59:44

Biology AQA second paper was this morning. DS1 doesn't have his phone. Anyone have any feedback yet?

JustinMumsnot Tue 22-Jan-13 11:58:01

Feel your pain, TOSN. I have to say speaking as a teacher, having a Y11 of my own is giving me such a useful perspective on the psychology of exam stress. Can't wait till this week is over - DD is stressed to the max and I can't say a thing right!

webwiz Tue 22-Jan-13 09:59:17

Oh don't worry TheOriginalSteamingNit she'll have a good moan about you to her friends and you can sort it out when she gets home.

DS has a french speaking controlled assessment today and when he is asked about his family he has a nice passage prepared about how much I nag him hmm

TheOriginalSteamingNit Tue 22-Jan-13 08:47:25

Oh shit, I've caused a stupid argument with dd this morning - she has Physics on Friday and doesn't seem to be doing enough: her dad knows this stuff, and is aware this is her weakest subject, but she won't talk it through or be helped - all she's prepared to do is be asked the most basic questions from the AQA revise book - 'name a kind of energy' - whilst she potters around her room not really listenning, and there appear to be significant gaps in her understanding.

She's usually so conscientious but just doesn't seem to want to think about this at all, won't let her father tell her anything ('he's not a teacher!') and is saying 'it's not the last chance anyway, I can resit it' ffs.

SO I stupidly brought this up at 8.10, as am really concerned she is just not working and now, predictably enough, she's gone storming off to school. I have messed this one up sad

creamteas Mon 21-Jan-13 18:25:22

By 7 this morning, all the main roads were fine and the buses & trains running normally, so even if the school buses didn't run, everyone could have got in safely for the afternoon.

I think the HT's inbox was not be happy reading!

On the plus side, they are open tomorrow so DD will not miss biology.

webwiz Mon 21-Jan-13 10:14:06

DS's school is shut due to snow but is still open for exams. That does seem a bit premature creamteas I know DS's friends are still sitting their geog exam.

creamteas Sun 20-Jan-13 20:49:54

School have announced they are cancelling the Geog GCSE paper tomorrow. DD is not doing geog, but lots of her friend's are sad.

All the other schools seem to be opening for exams, it is not till the afternoon and we live in a bloody city. So I think deciding this now is very premature angry.

We do have biology first thing on Tuesday though, so they better open then

KatyMac Fri 18-Jan-13 18:39:50

Thanks Startail - it's hell; GCSE can go hang but she has missed weeks of dance class sad and that really hurts

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