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Sarum Academy Salisbury

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MFord Mon 07-Jan-13 14:30:45

Mmm, some stories have flown around about that school...

I followed the link to that Daily Echo piece, and most comments were negative at first, but a couple lower down said the issues were not just down to the Head. Not being harsh, but there's more than one view and I can't help wondering how much is genuine and how much is anger from the likes of teachers who didn't make the cut.

The Salisbury Journal ran some negative stories attacking the Head after the Academy opened, but lately has been more positive. Worth looking at their site for schools stories?

I Googled 'sarum academy league tables' and most links were about 2010/2011 figures, except this, which I followed a link to find:

I did a YouTube search and found their channel:
There are other movies on YouTube about the Academy that have not been posted 'officially', though I haven't watched them. Same for Trafalgar.

If you're on the web anyway, would this kind of search help you to build up a picture about schools in the area?

Remotecontrolduck Mon 07-Jan-13 03:45:37

I think Sarum Acadamy has to win the prize for worst school in the entire area. There are some sheer horror stories from that place.

Try nearby areas I think, unless you're going private or grammar it's really not worth it!!!

Have heard some good things about Trafalgar

TalkinPeace2 Sun 06-Jan-13 19:02:04

move over the boundary into Hampshire ....
our comps are rather good ...

COCKadoodledooo Sun 06-Jan-13 18:14:08

Trafalgar at Downton is on the up, we have friends with kids there and they're very impressed, particularly with pastoral care.

ancientcliffhanger Sun 06-Jan-13 18:02:28

Thank you for your replies. Having now looked into the league table situation I have to say I'm shocked and was totally mislead by the school's prospectus!! Should have done a bit more homework first as it looks dire.

Wow - how can Salisbury have got itself into such a mess re. it's State secondary system - seems so unfair.

OK I'll keep pondering on how I'm going to sort out the predicament we're in!

TalkinPeace2 Sun 06-Jan-13 18:00:30

Know nothing of the school but if they hired her as the head

MaureenShit Sun 06-Jan-13 13:44:13

i mean dont go there - not that he wouldnt get a place - they are haemorraghing pupils

the head is, shall we say, controversial, and it is basically a sink school

I wouldnt touch it with a barge pole.

MaureenShit Sun 06-Jan-13 13:41:25


ancientcliffhanger Sat 05-Jan-13 18:01:23

Hi there
We're a family of six possibly on the verge on a relocation to Salisbury. Need some urgent advice as one of my children is currently in Year 6 so I will need to get him into a Secondary School in the city. I am aware that we've missed the deadlines for places so it will be a case of 'pot luck'. Awful situation to be in and it's a case of careful planning that's gone completely tits up due to circumstances beyond our control!

Despite him being a very high academic achiever I realise that he won't get into a grammar (and not sure if I'd want him to go there given the hothousing horror stories I've been reading on MN) so I need advice on alternatives. We're in the state system and not interested in going private. I lived in Salisbury years ago but have no idea on the secondary schools.

On paper the Sarum Academy achieves higher results than the school he'd be attending if we were able to stay where we were. Just need some honest opinions on it and any advice on other non-grammar alternatives (not private) within Salisbury and surrounding environs. Is Sarum Academy over-subscribed - ie. is there any chance he could get a place at such short notice???

Not sure whereabouts in Salisbury we'll be living but will be in private rented so potentially quite flexible.

Feeling a bit fragile at the moment (got 3 other primary aged children who will also need new schools) so please be gentle!!! Any constructive advice would be very gratefully received! Thank you.

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