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Anyone used a home tutor?

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theredhen Thu 20-Dec-12 14:53:57

My ds is in year 10 and seems to be struggling a bit with maths thus year after having the same teacher for year 8 and 9.

I'm thinking of getting him a maths tutor at home but not sure what questions to ask?

Any advise on what to look for and what are normal sort of fees?

Mrsrudolphduvall Thu 20-Dec-12 14:59:48

WE have a maths tutor for dd yr 11... Have done for 2 years, Sunday morning 9 am.
We don't pay, as it is her godmother who happens to be a maths tutor, but the going rate round here is about £40 an hour.
She went through all the topics dd struggled with (most!)'s made a big difference in her confidence, but we are not expecting more than a C.

creamteas Thu 20-Dec-12 15:29:10

We use an English tutor, my younger two DC both have ASD so really struggle with interpretation etc.

I looked for a teacher who had experienced working with children with SEN, and contacted lots till I found someone I was happy with. The going rate round here is £25-30 for someone qualified, you can get unqualified tutors from £15 (mainly students)

mnistooaddictive Thu 20-Dec-12 16:04:54

I am a maths tutor and my advice would be:
1) dont sign any long term contracts or be talked into paying for lots of sessions up front. Tutoring is a personality thing and finding the right tutor is important. Be sure you are getting what you think, it is easy to be booked into a group session when you think you are getting indivdual tuition
2) be prepared to move tutors after 3 sessions if your child isnt gelling with them
3) they should prepare sessions and not just turn up and open a textbook
4) be prepaed to wait until February to start. Most good tutors will currently be overwhelmed with alevel students preparing for january modules. they want as many sessions as possible and take prority until February
5) ask any questions you like - what is their experience, how do they structure their sessions, how flexible are they?
6) who will travel - if they travel to you do they charge extra for this?
7) think carefully about whether you want a qualified ecperienced teacher or if this isn't important to you. experienced teachers will know what the examiner is looking for and what gets marks. They will also be used to explaining concepts in different ways. Being able to explain how to solve equations is very different to being able to solve them yourself! Be prepared to pay extra for this though!
8) Done go for the cheapest!

Before anyone thinks I am advertising I am already full this year! I am in wiltshire and charge £25 per hour up to 20 minutes drive from my house. If someone further away wants me then I charge extra!

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