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Am I wrong about this??

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camel2 Wed 19-Dec-12 20:18:53

My friend has just found out that her 13 year old son has bunked off school on 4 occasions, because he didn't have the right pe kit and was afraid of the implications... As a result she has decided to remove her son from the school, and send him to a local comprehensive, so she can 'keep an eye on him'...
She totally believes the school is at fault for not informing her of his absence immediately,and I see her point completely, but there are methods that you can check if your child is in school, via website etc, but she is not interested in this, and holds the view that once he's out the door, he's totally in the care of the school..
I feel a bit annoyed about it all, as her son is my sons best friend and he's very upset about the situation, and since she keeps asking me if I think she's making the right decision, which I personally don't, but obviously I'm not going to tell her how to bring up her own children , but I can't help thinking she's making a mistake and basically just playing into his hands by moving him away from a situation he didn't like instead of making him deal with it.
I also truly believe that if he's gonna bunk from one place, he'll bunk from another..
Sorry it's a bit of a rant, but it's playing on my mind!!

camel2 Thu 20-Dec-12 19:45:47

Thanks again all, the football boots issue has been resolved thankfully, but both myself and a few other mums did offer to help out with boots when we heard what had happened, as some of our kids do pe on different days, we suggested sharing boots between the kids...but he's got some now anyway..
The whole situation sucks really, the current school is a faith school a bus ride away, and the new school the local one just up the road,but both's just all the kids from the primary school went on to that school together..
I don't know if there was an underlying reason other than the obvious, but my son has seen him today at school and said he seems happy to be moving schools, he'll still see his friends at the weekends anyway, and maybe for him and his mum it's a way of drawing a line under an unpleasant situation and starting afresh.
However, I am still a bit concerned that nobody bothered to contact her when he didn't turn up on 4 separate occasions, and it makes me feel the need to check the website daily to check if my sons registered, but that's a small price to pay for my peace of mind and his safety, but its certainly something ill be asking about at the next parents eve!
@tantrums..bless you thanks for the offer, how thoughtful x

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