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Does dd sound like she should be in the bottom set in maths?

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VivaLeBeaver Wed 19-Dec-12 18:00:16

I always thought she was quite bright. She passed her 11plus but didn't get a place on distance so has ended up at the comp. she got a 5c in her maths sats in yr 6.

She's in top sets for everything at school apart from maths, which I only found out last week. Dd was complaining to me that all the kids in her maths set are "thick" to quote her. From the names I know in primary school they're not the most academic kids.

She was saying to me she finds it really easy at school, is getting good marks for homework, etc.

They've just done another test last week and dd says she got a 5b. Her score was 78 which she thinks was out of 100. Dd got the joint highest mark and other kids were getting level 3s and 4s. Dd has asked her teacher if she can go up a group and they're going to think about it.

If nothing happens should I push it?

BoundandRebound Fri 21-Dec-12 16:17:21

Very good response

It doesn't matter which set children are in as long as they are challenged and professing

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