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place to live and study in buckinghamshire

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AAsmom Tue 18-Dec-12 22:03:05

Hi mums,
I just joined this web 10 minus ago, still slowly get my head round here.
We currently live in London and are planning to move to Buckinghamshire to live nearby my auntie by the end of 2013, but don't know which areas or towns or villages are better to live and for my two children(boy and girl) to study. Although, my children are still in the primary school, but I have to plan ahead for their secondary school(s) in couple years time. could the kindly moms give me some advices and share your experiences on which area to live and to study in a primary school. our house hunting buget is around £450K. thank you and very appreciate!

NormaStanleyFletcher Tue 18-Dec-12 22:05:59

If you are looking at the Ayesbury area of Bucks then one of the best schools is Bedgrove Infant/junior school.

One thing you must consider though, is that it is a selective system for secondary schools.

blondefriend Sun 23-Dec-12 20:18:42

Most of the schools in Bucks are quite good but as Norma mentions it is a Grammar school area so you need to look at both types of school. I would avoid the Burnham schools but High Wycombe has a good selection of single sex Grammars. Marlow has a coed Grammar but £450k won't get you much there. I live in Stoke Poges which is a lovely village and hope to send my dd to Beaconsfield High.

GRW Sun 23-Dec-12 21:40:40

I live in Wendover which has good primary and upper schools, and in catchment for the grammar schools in Aylesbury if your dc pass the 11+. There is a choice of Aylesbury High school for girls and Aylesbury Grammar for boys, or Sir Henry Floyd Grammar school which is co ed. Some people might be put off Wendover because HS2 will pass through part of it, but it's still a nice place to live.
There is a very good upper (non selective) school in the village of Waddesdon.

RiversideMum Mon 24-Dec-12 07:20:48

Where is your Auntie? Bucks is a big county north-south! As others have said, the big issue in Bucks is the grammar schools - which may or may not float your boat.

pellshky Mon 24-Dec-12 10:15:07

Burnham is actually a good place to live. Cheaper housing than other parts of South Bucks and with excellent transport links. Living in Burnham gives you access to some good primary schools (Lent Rise, Dorney, St Nicolas in Taplow, Priory, Our Lady of Peace). For secondary, Burnham Grammar is good (Bucks 11+) and parts of Burnham are in catchment for Beaconsfield High (also Bucks 11+). Many people also put their kids in for the Slough Grammar schools (Herschel, Slough Grammar and St Bernards). Most people try to avoid Burnham Park Academy but I have heard it is improving. However, living on the Maidenhead side of Burnham will usually secure you a place in a Maidenhead comprehensive as an alternative, but check the allocation profiles.

toomuchicecream Thu 27-Dec-12 18:13:35

Depends where aunty is of course. Personally, I would suggest living near a county boundary so you can get out of Bucks if your children don't pass the 11 plus - their success will in no way be related to their ability, more to the amount you've spent on tutoring and luck on the day. I've taught far too many very bright year 6 pupils in Bucks who didn't get to Grammar school, and as a result am extremely cynical about the whole system. I believe the content of the Bucks 11 plus is about to change too - as most of the Grammar schools are now academies they can set their own entry criteria, and I hear on the grapevine that they're fed up with being sent year 7s who are over-tutored and not able to cope once they get there.

I would second a vote for Burnham - nothing wrong with Burnham Grammar (although Burnham Park Academy is, erm, challenged but improving fast), but you can easily get to Maidenhead schools. I hear lots of good things about Chalfont Community College (although as it's so popular it's huge) and Waddesdon and Holmer Green.

A very wise ex secondary school deputy/Ofsted inspector once told me that there's no such thing as a good or bad school, it's a good or bad school for your child. What suits one child won't suit another so you really have to go and look.

Honestyisbest Thu 27-Dec-12 20:44:13

Villages near to princes risborough give you good grammars and uppers. Also some are near to Oxfordshire border if you fancy lord Williams a v good comp. good luck.

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