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Has the teacher been a bit over the top in her report assessment

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treas Tue 27-Nov-12 23:29:47

Ds is a well behaved hard working Yr8 student who puts a lot of time and effort into all of his homework regardless of the subject.

One subject he does the teacher has told us that she considers him 'gifted and talented' in (pointless label I know) as he has produced GCSE level work and has always had top marks.

Ds's monitoring report has come back with this subject teacher stating that his homework is a 'cause for concern'.

At parent consultation evening we were informed that ds had not handed in 2 pieces of homework.

1/ A powerpoint presentation, which he had taken in on a dvd but there had been an 'IT issue' and the teacher had not been able to retrieve the work. Ds on coming home immediately burnt a new disc and returned it the next day but was unable to hand it in as he wasn't being taught the subject that day (teacher's decision, not his).

2/ Ds was one 13 out of 20 children who had misinterpreted the teacher's instructions and had revised how to do something rather than show how to do it on paper.

As a result he had a lunch time detention. At the time I thought it a little unfair as there was an obvious communication error between the teacher and pupils, but so be it.

So now my ds has a black mark on his report that will go up to his next school for things that I see as unfortunate incidents not totally down to ds, rather than blatantly not doing any homework.

Have to admit that I'm annoyed mainly because the teacher basically called ds a liar for telling me that the majority of children in the class had done the same as him for homework incident 2 and had to have a detention. 13/20 children to me is the majority of the class and I could see in her marking book the long column of red marks to back his statement.

So was the teacher a little heavy handed? And should we raise a query?

Ds of course feels it unfair as there are other children who don't appear to be punished for not doing homework at all.

Sorry so long, didn't want to drip feed.

LondonMother Wed 28-Nov-12 22:05:29

I think I may be living in a parallel universe. If I had told my parents that I didn't enjoy Miss X's lessons I would have got no sympathy at all. Some lessons are enjoyable, many aren't. They aren't there to have fun, they're there to learn.

Different, of course, if the reason the kid isn't enjoying the lessons is because Miss X is picking on him [bends over backwards to see both sides of the question - slips disc...]

treas Wed 28-Nov-12 22:08:17

LondonMother - here have a cold compress for tha back of yours grin

noblegiraffe Wed 28-Nov-12 22:40:19

treas you're going on 'personal experience and history' over minor annoyance to suggest that the school needs to get involved and 'support' this teacher, you've got your DS coming home and telling you tales of this teacher which you have seemingly lapped up without any critical consideration. An excessive worry over a 'black mark' on a report that you fear might blight DS's secondary school career and a consideration that you should phone up the school and argue to get it revoked.

I think you need to start to back off a bit. Your DS is getting to an age where he should be able to handle the odd detention and annoying teacher. If you really are of the 'tough, get on with it' mentality, then focus on what's important. And it's not 'is my kid being entertained?' it's 'is my kid being educated?'.

treas Wed 28-Nov-12 22:57:06

noblegiraffe - you seem quite determined to see the worst in everything I have written.

Since the teacher abandoned parents in a parents consultation, then why would the school not support her and find out what is wrong?

Yes I did ask whether we should raise a query - at no point have I actually said that we were going to, especially now that she seems so troubled.

Also the personal experience and history does not refer to one single incident, but hey ho you've decided you know everything from the few comments I have made on this post.

* Think the school are best off looking into things themselves and giving the teacher the support she needs.* - was an indication that we would not be adding to the teachers concerns by raising an additional issue.

Maybe you should be the one backing off

GlitKnit Wed 28-Nov-12 23:03:36

Christ op. have you got a rl job?
How do you know the number of kids who didn't hand it in? Abdvtonbe blunt , why do you give a fuck ?

GET A LIFEand man up FFs

treas Wed 28-Nov-12 23:06:05

GiltKnit - unnecessary

GlitKnit Wed 28-Nov-12 23:08:58

You need to step away from the school.

Move back. Wait till you have a real problem.

noblegiraffe Wed 28-Nov-12 23:11:40

Also the personal experience and history does not refer to one single incident

Oh, I thought you said in the OP that you didn't plan to drip feed. hmm

treas Wed 28-Nov-12 23:13:00

GiltKnit - have you actually read anything I've said?

I have already stated that I wouldn't be dealing with the school.

Not sure why you feel the need to get the boot into me - don't think I actually deserve it.

vigglewiggle Wed 28-Nov-12 23:15:05

I do think that you are taking a giant leap of faith to take everything that a 13 year old says as gospel. If these two incidents had involved my child I would certainly be making a mental note that there may be an issue, but I would not be troubling the school with it at this stage.

treas Wed 28-Nov-12 23:16:39

noblegiraffe - really? I have given the complete details of this particular incident so was not drip feeding, also haven't given details of other issues because they were not necessary for the original question.

noblegiraffe Wed 28-Nov-12 23:21:44

If there is other 'history and experience' then it might well explain your reaction to the minor incidents in the OP, or why your DS was noted as a cause for concern.

It also might explain why you are willing to believe what your DS has said about the parent teacher consultation without considering that a) it might not be true and b) the parents might have been rude enough to warrant walking out on.

treas Wed 28-Nov-12 23:24:14

vigglewiggle - am not troubling the school with it, I asked the question on here not at school.

Also have not taken ds's word on it as gospel, as far as he's concerned the teacher is right.

vigglewiggle Wed 28-Nov-12 23:28:50

"So was the teacher heavy handed and should we raise a query?"
"DS of Course feels it is unfair..."

Sorry, I must have misunderstood. hmm

treas Wed 28-Nov-12 23:30:53

noblegiraffe - cause for concern is exclusive to these 2 homework issue according to the teacher herself in the last 2 and a bit years that she has taught him.

Unfortunately, the parent consultation problem is true, know the parents involved.

As for b) the parents might have been rude enough to warrant walking out on personally think you may very well be right as the couple involved have a reputation for putting teachers backs up.

cansu Wed 28-Nov-12 23:32:55

Ok here's what I think
1. No you shouldn't make a fuss about the homework issue. Your ds didn't get these two bits of homework right and the teacher noted this issue in her report. Get over it. It won't follow your ds into his future. You really can't micromanage your ds at school in this way at his age. Save your energy for serious issues.
2. You are going on here say about the incident of teacher walking away from parents at. Parents evening. For all you know said parents were being aggressive and rude and she walked away to inform senior management they would have to step in. most parents evenings have very short appointment times if a parents has a real beef to take up then teacher would probably refer them to SMT. If they continued to sit there she may well decide to leave rather than risk a confrontation.

cansu Wed 28-Nov-12 23:37:15

One other thing occurs to me and that is your statement that your ds is hard working. He may well be hard working but you have to consider that the purpose of these monitoring reports is to give you the teachers view. Maybe the teacher doesn't think your ds homework has been up to standard relative to his ability. Rather than focus on whether you can prove her judgement to be wrong or heavy handed, maybe gently suggest that our ds may need to work a bit harder on his homework. Or ask her what she thinks he could do to get better marks in future.

treas Wed 28-Nov-12 23:39:43

vigglewiggle - yep you've misunderstood. "So was the teacher heavy handed? And should we raise a query?"

Two separate questions looking for peoples opinions on here. Nothing raised with the school and have stated in later posts that we are not raising it with school.

Ds is 12 so as par for the course thinks it unfair - most children would think that. But this is something he has said to us his parents, not the teacher - he'd be too scared to do so.

vigglewiggle Wed 28-Nov-12 23:46:30

OP, you have asked for opinions, however you seem to be dismissing the majority of posters who are telling you that there is no major issue here. You are obviously very wound up by what has happened, but I think you need to bring some of that "tough, get on with it" spirit to the fore.

treas Wed 28-Nov-12 23:54:12

Hi cansu - seems your post crossed with the one I wrote to noblegiraffe saying I can well believe that the parents involved were rude although to give them their due not aggressive.

Have already stated won't be raising an issue with the school - although the teachers failure to retrieve the homework from the disc we are going to have to disagree about it being ds's fault.grin

Re: standard of ds's homework, this is not the issue as teacher has stated he had produced GCSE standard work and he has received HT certificate for it.

As for the need to for him to work harder - he'll chose to complete homework rather than invite a friend round, so could really as more from him, although I'll not be letting on to him about that wink

treas Wed 28-Nov-12 23:57:13

vigglewiggle - no not dismissing posters saying it is no major issue. Yes am a bit wound up but think it better to let off steam here than in RL.

Sometime you just feel the need to vent - so thanks, hope your not too batteredblush

Blueschool Thu 29-Nov-12 00:08:00

OP, I actually think your teachers criticisms of your ds are very unfair as they were a result of both genuine human error combined with fault that also was part of the teachers to blame.

It seems unfair not to allow error for these reasons- and a little odd.

If it were me I would be more peeved at the unjust criticism than anything else.

On the other hand if thats the worst she can find to say about him then it shows he is doing well!

treas Thu 29-Nov-12 00:18:09

Blueschool - Thanks, glad you can see where I was coming from.

Ds is actually v. laid back about it all, just me that is riled (possibly raised a few injustices I went through myself at school if I'm honest).

Anyway I've had my vent and taken my kicking here rather than RL so all well and good.

Blueschool Thu 29-Nov-12 00:23:27

Don't worry we all get riled when it comes to our children, its utterly natural. I think you were entirely justified in your feelings though.

Im glad you feel better now though smile

pastoralacademia Thu 29-Nov-12 10:04:45

I am sorry OP you are getting all this negativity. sad

Why all the jobs on Earth are subject to criticism except teaching? Why should you back off?
Some teachers are sloppy in their markings and assessments. They are giving out detention right and left without any consideration to the ds or their feelings.
How many teachers out there put a 2 on every single ds attitude to learning without even looking at the names?
Why should you let it go, the next one lets go and so on? Where does it lead?
One of my friends moved from the state sector to the private sector at the beginning of the year. On his first day of the job the HM made sure to point out the difference for him and remind him that the parents at the private school if they are not already lawyers, they can certainly afford to appoint them!

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