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ds is asking me for advice about choosing his A-levels and I havent a clue.

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stitch Tue 20-Nov-12 21:52:19

He wants to do english and philosophy, maybe geography. Cant decide between history or politics.

He has absolutely no idea what he wants to do at uni. Im a science person from a ridiculously sciencey family so havent got a clue. Do any wise mumsnetters have any thoughts. Perhaps which subjects give more flexibilty, more choice in careers etc. any subjects that are just pointless?
all advice appreciated.

vj32 Tue 27-Nov-12 23:04:28

I agree to check out the actual content and structure of the courses - for history is the only option modern history (Hitler, Stalin etc again as most will already have done this for GCSE) or do they offer different time periods (the Tudors is a popular one at the moment).

What geography units do they do? I know now I loved Geography but we did a massive long unit involving soil, biospheres etc - too boring and science based for me and put me off taking it at uni.

English - Lit or Lang? If its Lit, what books do they study?

The other thing I found was that the big deadlines for history and geography were very close together. All three are very heavy essay subjects, so you might want to ask if they co-ordinate course work hand in dates between departments, and what help would be available if he was struggling with work load.

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