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Who's choice - yours or your DC's?

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ThreeTomatoes Thu 15-Nov-12 09:33:05

We'll be applying next year, but we've looked around a few schools, I have a shortlist already and pretty much know which order I'd probably prefer to list them in. However, dd has a different idea of which school she would put down as first choice. Obviously this may change next year, but I was wondering, what do you do in this situation, esp if it's the difference between an excellent school that you feel really good about vs an ok school that dd likes?

lljkk Sat 17-Nov-12 10:10:38

This point in y5, DD was determined to go to the same school with most her friends.
When it came down to it, she chose the school that felt most ambitious and had the best presentation (she is ambitious). Luckily she has at least one close mate intending to attend every single school we looked at, which rather neutralised the "friends" factor.

DS has ended up where he is precisely because he had friends there. It has a decent reputation (only 3 years ago was the most popular & oversubscribed choice), and he won't achieve anything without being socially happy (many issues in past).

Usual conclusion: every child is individual case!

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