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Yr7 revision workbook or guide recommendation

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Spree Fri 02-Nov-12 09:50:53

I'm looking to buy some work books for DS who has just started Yr7.

Something to help with revision of subjects & topics he has learnt at school.

We live abroad so will have to buy off Amaxon without seeing the books so would really appreciate some recommendations.


WofflingOn Fri 02-Nov-12 09:53:13

Clearly set out and up to date, they get used a lot in primary and in KS3.

milkshake3 Fri 02-Nov-12 09:55:22

galore park books. they are the textbooks for the common entrance curriculum but very comprehensive. they do textbooks and revision books aswell as practice exercises.

Spree Fri 02-Nov-12 17:06:14

Thanks! Will have a look at those 2

StarsGhostTail Tue 06-Nov-12 13:21:33

CGP would be DD1's recomendation too.

She loves the Shakespeare Romem and Juliet.

The maths one got her put up a set when she'd managed to loose her full maths books and needed revision notes in a hurry.

StarsGhostTail Tue 06-Nov-12 13:23:25

Oh Pooh Sticks, Romeo and Juliet blush
You can tell I wouldn't read Shakespeare books, with or without good notes for fun.

Spree Sat 10-Nov-12 09:58:53

Ok I got the Math & Science GCP books - will see how they go down before getting the others, I think

Thanks smile

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