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littlebobo123 Thu 01-Nov-12 09:44:02

Any parents here with dd going to BSG next September? DD had set her heart on going to the comp and yesterday I almost changed the first choice of school from BSG to the local comp. DD will be the only girl from her school this year going to a GS and she's awfully shy, the thought of her not having friends and sitting alone at break time is enough to make me cry. Just hope I haven't made a terrible mistake.

givemeaclue Thu 01-Nov-12 10:17:49

You won't get many replies without saying what the school is, lots are "bsg"

littlebobo123 Thu 01-Nov-12 13:32:02

oh sorry new to the forum, BSG is Bournemouth school for girls.

OwedToAutumn Thu 01-Nov-12 14:09:43

Okay, I don't know about Bournemouth, but DD1 was the only girl in her class to go to her grammar school, although there were four in the parallel class. One of her best friends fell out with her, because her parents had put a lot of pressure on her to go, and she didn't get in. The other best friend stuck with this girl, as they were now going to the same school, together. Luckily, she is a friendly type, and had other friends in the class to fall back on. But she had a bit of a difficult final term of year 6 because of this.

But fast forward to the Y7 induction day, she met two girls at the new school who immediately became her very good friends, and in Y9 are still very good friends. Last night, she had a choice of two Hallowe'en parties to attend, so obviously she has a lot of friends in her class.

Remember that many of the girls in her class will be the only one from their school attending.

So, I'm sure it will be fine. smile

superwomanisamyth Wed 07-Nov-12 12:10:36

Hi, DD currently in year 8 at BSG, thriving and having the time of her life there. Quite a few girls went to BSG from her old school but were split into different forms to encourage them to make new friends, the school is very good in this respect . She has made lots of new friends some of whom went there on their own. Girls friendships change a lot in secondary school and of all my daughter's old friends she has only kept really close to one and has made lots of new ones. Do not worry your daughter will meet lots of new people next year. By the way my daughter is more the sensitive type than the outgoing type and is having a great time. Great school! Worth all the bloody hassle that was the 11+!!

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