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Nower Hill High School

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Rache101 Sun 28-Oct-12 16:14:10

Does anyone know anything about this school and what its like?

FiveHoursSleep Sun 28-Oct-12 21:40:17

We are just outside the catchment area for Nower Hill, could possibly get in if we were prepared to put it on as our Number 1 choice and go on the waiting list. It's heavily oversubscribed though and we have more likely prospects so it's down as our number 3.
Lots of kids from our primary school do go on to go to NH, and it's widely regarded as a good school with an outstanding Ofsted. My friends children who go there have done very well academically.
3 things you should be aware of.
1/ It's a very busy school and a little bit crowded. It's gone from a year 8-11 school to one that now has year 7 and a 6th form, in the last 4-5 years and so has had to put a few cabins out on the field. It doesn't have that big a playing field area BUT they are digging it up and putting down an all weather surface as I type.
2/ A few of my friends have chosen not to send their DD's there as it has a high population of Asian students who are not encouraged to become friends with non-Asian girls, therefore friendship opportunities can be quite narrow for girls.
3/ The headmaster has just handed in his resignation.

tinytalker Sun 28-Oct-12 22:28:40

I have 2 children there currently and have had no problems with the school at all. It has an outstanding OFSTED report and very good academic results. My 2 are making excellent progress and are supported very well by staff academically and emotionally. It is true that the very strong Headteacher has announced his retirement so changes could occur. I don't believe Nower Hill has any higher a population of Asian girls than any other school in the borough and my 2 have had no trouble making friends with new people after joining the school without knowing anyone. They have a very varied social life with girls from all ethnic groups. There are plenty of extra curricular groups and activities that can help with social interaction.

clobo7 Tue 05-Jul-16 10:01:39

i actually go to nower hill. it is a great school and the teachers there are amazing. however in the years that i've been there many teachers that ive gotten to know and trust have left, however this happens in most schools.

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