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Thoughts on South Hampstead High School

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neverknowinglyundersold Sun 28-Oct-12 14:11:04

Hi! Going through the nightmare of secondary transfer in a year so just beginning to get my thoughts together. DD is bright, creative and sociable and we are looking at CLGS, Habs and South Hampstead. Whereas we can pick up lots of info on the first two, I've found very little on South Hampstead and would love to hear thoughts from those with children currently or recently there. Many thanks!

Dustylaw Sat 03-Nov-12 13:54:04

Any thoughts on South Hampstead High School?

BagLady75 Tue 06-Nov-12 10:43:43

I hope you get some replies here. I have a DD at SH Junior School and it has been a fantastic experience - really exceeded expectations. However I gather the senior school is quite a different environment, and I would love to hear more...

remum Tue 06-Nov-12 15:37:21

I was looking at SHHS two years ago for my daughter.. I loved the school and we ended up not taking the space due to location (we are too south). However there is quite a lot of info on this school and comparisons between SHHS and CLSG on the 11+ exams forum (independent) schools section. I hope that helps.

remum Tue 06-Nov-12 15:38:13

sorry if not clear.. the 11+ exams forum website.

neverknowinglyundersold Fri 09-Nov-12 10:39:09

Thanks for the advice, will have a look at the website.

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