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Any drama teachers about? am I being PFB? (sorry, a bit long)

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boschy Thu 25-Oct-12 09:10:12

DD1, Y11, is doing BTec drama. Last night was their assessment performance - 6 short plays, each one written/performed/stage-directed etc by a different group of students, size of group varying from 6 to 3 people. The students themselves choose their groups.

From watching, and from what DD says, it is clear that there is a very strong 'alpha' group of personalities/performance skills, who made up 2-3 of the groups.

DD's group was what she called the 'left-overs'. Her, her friend, and one boy. No one else wants to work with this boy because he is unreliable - doesnt turn up to rehearsals, wont do lunchtime or after school, wasnt even in school all day yesterday, but did turn up for the assessment.

As a result, DD's group was under-rehearsed, had less time for tech prep than the others, and because there was only 3 of them and this boy's attitude the preparatory work - ideas, scripting etc etc etc was also less good than it could have been. 3 people to bounce ideas off, instead of 6 etc.

DD feels the teacher has favourites; the alpha group get lots of extra opportunities to perform while the less outgoing/proficient ones only perform in class for example - therefore limiting their practice and chance to gain confidence I think.

One student was last night told her grade and it was on FB etc before we even got home!! (to be fair, nice girl, and she was brilliant, but it seems unprofessional given that no one else will get their grades til today).

After halfterm they will start preparing their next performance pieces, and I have told DD that she needs to speak to the teacher about the group structure so it gets shaken up and people work with others than the ones they would naturally choose, and that the group sizes should be more evenly spread. If she doesn't get anywhere I think I will talk to the teacher, but is this the right approach?

I know their grades are individual, but if you are working in a 'good' group with your friends, surely your chances of getting a good grade than they are if you are working in a less good group where one person doesnt pull their weight?

If you got this far and have any thoughts, many thanks!

EvilTwins Wed 19-Dec-12 22:54:44

I hope so. Poor DD.

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