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year 7 levels

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Feeeeee Thu 18-Oct-12 20:42:50

hi could anyone tell me what level a child should be in maths english and science after first half term in a grammar school please, thank you.

ShipwreckedAndComatose Thu 18-Oct-12 20:52:10

Depends on how selective the grammar school is, I would have thought.

annh Thu 18-Oct-12 20:54:53

And on what level your child was at when they arrived at school? Without some context, this is a bit of a how-long-is-a-piece-of-string question.

Iamnotminterested Fri 19-Oct-12 09:25:38

I would just like to point out that I didn't start this thread :-)

mumsneedwine Fri 19-Oct-12 10:08:44

Can tell you what my last DD was at a comp. Science 6C, Maths 6b, English 6C. Don't do Grammar schools here, but she is in top sets. End of year 7 were 6A, 7C & 6A - miraculously 2 thingy grades progress !! In my school, a comp, ranges from 2 to 6 this half term, in core subjects. Does that help at all !!

prettydaisies Fri 19-Oct-12 10:18:20

My cynical guess would be whatever they got in their y6 SATs - given that these were the pinnacle of their achievement in Primary and they are unlikely to maintain that 100% of the time, so will need some consolidating.

Madmog Fri 19-Oct-12 11:22:04

I would say they are going to be very close to what they got in their SATS. Has the school told your child what level they are on?

If not, he/she will certainly be aware of how they are doing in relation to the other children which may help you gain some knowledge. For example, my daughter goes to a comp, and she's has been told she's working at level 5.25 in English, RE, History, and DT. She knows some are on level 5.75 in English, and she no one is higher than her in RE, History and DT. French - she gets an A in all her work and got 100% in her last test so must be doing well. She's in the top sets for English, Maths, and Science. We assume the same will follow for French given the above. She's in the bottom set for PE (oh well, can't be good at everything).

If you are concerned because you think your child is struggling, you could always have a word with the school. f you children is workingI always say school isn't just about levels anyway, it helps with social skills through meeting people from different walks of life and friendships.

I'm confused by the levels. Will they still be assessed in the same way given the scrapping of GCSE's? Or don't we know yet?

brentwoodgal Fri 19-Oct-12 13:13:48

I agree Chickens - the levels confuse me but it's all we have to go on at the moment I guess. Not sure if this any help but DD has the following "target" levels for the end of year 7; Maths 5+ (year 6 4a), English 6 (year 6 5a), Science 5+ (year 6 - 5) French/German 4-, Art 4+, Drama 5-, History/Geog, 5+. She is at a normal comp - streamed in all subjects apart from Art, Drama, DT She's in Set 1 for everything apart from Maths and Science (Set 2). Also, does anyone else's school do the "Accelerated Reading Programme"? DD is allowed to read books between levels 4.8 and 10.8 - but, even after doing a short google search I'm not really sure what that means either!

prettydaisies Fri 19-Oct-12 16:07:15

My DD's school has 'accelerated reader' too. She picks books between x and y ( can't remember what her numbers are), but if it encourages her to read a wide range if books, it'll be good. She's quite keen on doing the quizzes too as it gives her house some extra house points!

titchy Fri 19-Oct-12 16:17:09

My dcs do accelerated reader too - the child who's done the most tests gets a kindle - ds is racing through them! The numbers equate roughly to school years and months, so 5.4 level equates to a year 5 child in their 4th month of school.

ShipwreckedAndComatose Fri 19-Oct-12 17:44:06

Chickens, there is no move to reform KS3 in any way at present.

however, the primary curriculum is in the process of reform where the Government plan to scrap levelling in favour of tests that provide a percentage, I believe.

It does seem that, if this goes ahead, levelling at KS 3 will also have a shelf life.

I personally would find this a shame because, as a science teacher, the sheer volume of data we have with levels does provide us with a very clear idea of how a child has progresses and what their potential at GCSE is.

Feeeeee Fri 19-Oct-12 20:56:15

Hi thanks for replying, no levels yet but will be getting them next week, I think, just not sure what is expected. Thank you.

cece Fri 19-Oct-12 22:03:46

I've only been given DD's targets for the end of KS3. No current levels been given.

Feeeeee Wed 09-Jan-13 11:56:45

hi, thanks for all the replys.
i have now had levels they all new subjects are 3b to 4c, maths is 6c, english is 5a, science is 5b, are these levels normal for xmas of year 7?

anniesw Wed 09-Jan-13 15:30:48

It depends very much on her levels when she went in. You should have these for English and maths from your primary. Top sets in a comprehensive would be high 5's or 6 so it sounds about right.
Also depends how they were assessed - was it a single piece of work or a test covering a broad range. Individual pieces of work can vary depending upon the topic.

TheOriginalSteamingNit Wed 09-Jan-13 15:33:26

Yes they are normal.

pointythings Wed 09-Jan-13 21:32:49

Pretty much what you'd expect at a grammar, DD1 is in Yr7 in a comprehensive, top set and is 6b, 6b, 6b which is a logical progression from her KS2 SATs (though she has had no 'dip', but her previous middle school was very draconian down to earth in their levelling so not unexpected.

Your DD is doing well.

BackforGood Thu 10-Jan-13 19:11:45

They sound high, but I suppose if it is a selective school, they can a) select the most capable, and then b) move on at a quicker pace.

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