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Secondary admissions - I am in turmoil

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purlywhite Thu 18-Oct-12 10:41:22

Dd has failed the 11+. It was expected because the week she took the test she had several big incidents that left her stressed and upset. I had hoped that we might be able to appeal on the basis of what happened that week but her results have fallen far too short I think.

This leaves me having to apply for non selective high schools. We live in a rural location and realistically we will be offered our nearest school. The school isn't popular, but I did send my son there a few years ago. The whole experience was a disaster and eventually I withdrew my son and he is now educated at home.

I feel I have burnt my bridges with the local school and I don't have any faith in them now.

There are a few schools in the nearest town that I would consider, but we are way out of catchment and they are mostly over subscribed.

Any ideas on how best to approach this situation?

tiggytape Thu 18-Oct-12 11:53:30

Sorry to hear you are having a tough time. Your first priority is to fill in the council's form and get your application in. You must do that soon as beign a late applicant puts you in an even worse position.
As you intend to appeal the 11+ result (no matter how much of a long shot that seems right now), you need to list the selective school/s you will appeal for on the form as well. If you don't apply to them formally, you cannot appeal being rejected by them.

Next collect information on all the surrounding schools you can. Do you meet any faith criteria for one further away that you hadn't considered? What were last year's 'last distance offered' figures for each school. Your second closest school may not be able to take you but your 5th closest may not fill all its spaces and so have room each year from pupils from further away.

Ask to look around the local school. Each child is different - what is great for one doesn't suit another and equally what is terrible for DS, may suit DD a lot better. Ask questions and see what DD thinks too.

Once your form is filled in with the grammar/s, other schools plus at least one realistic option based on distance, concentrate on your appeal.
It is not too early to collect evidence together to prove your DD is of selective ability. You need to prove to a panel that your DD would have been expected to easily pass the 11+ had it not been for the events that occurred leading up to it. You won’t have her SATS results for a while but any levelled work, school reports etc that prove ability will help. You will also have to prove the circumstances that led to her performing poorly but the main focus is always to prove that she is easily of grammar school ability and that her needs are best met by attending that school eg curriculum, specialism etc.

If your research also turns up other non selective schools that you like, you can also appeal for these too. Those appeals are more based on showing how suitable the school is for your DD (without criticising the local school you are hoping to avoid). You aren't limited to appealing for 1 school - you can appeal to as many as you want.

Lancelottie Thu 18-Oct-12 12:03:57

Definitely go back and look round the local school. Ask them: 'What makes this school better, now, for my DD than it proved to be for my DS a few years ago?' You might be pleasantly surprised at the answer.

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