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School Refusal- what should you expect of a school?

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LittleBoSqueak Thu 18-Oct-12 10:32:15

Does anyone have any experience of this and can help me?

My childs school is completely uninterested and clearly want me to remove my child.

LittleBoSqueak Thu 18-Oct-12 10:32:34

Secondary school I should add!

EdithWeston Thu 18-Oct-12 10:35:57

I think the only expectation you can have is a proper dialogue.

Without details of why a particular child is refusing, it's difficult to say more.

mnistooaddictive Thu 18-Oct-12 11:41:29

I used to deal with school refusers on behalf of a school. Do you know what the issue is? What year group is your child in, as this makes a difference. Is the EWO involved yet? How long has the school refusing been going on?
YOu need to be 100% honest with school and EWO about the situation. Can you have a meeting with them out of school time? Even if just straight after school?
Will your child do some lessons? Can you get them in for 1 hour a day and then work towards improving it? Is there a particular lesson/teacher they are avoiding? Can they work somewhere else temporarily during this time?
Would a card to allow them out of lesson at any time help?
Are there other children making the situation difficult?

If you let me know more imformation I can try and help you more.

Witchety Thu 18-Oct-12 12:01:45

I might be able to help too, my dd was a refuser for a while.

lljkk Thu 18-Oct-12 17:15:10

DS was a refuser when bullied. That was y5, as well.

pinkorkid Sat 20-Oct-12 14:53:02

Hi, also have some experience with this as do a number of posters on the special needs children board.
This previous thread

has a number of links to relevant legislation and support groups for school anxiety/refusal.

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