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Riddlesdown Collegiate vs Warlingham School - any opinions?

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teaandthorazine Mon 15-Oct-12 14:12:22

I know this isn't a decision anyone can make for me but I'd love some thoughts/opinions grin

We live in between these two schools and have been to visit both recently for ds (who is in a feeder for R). Liked both but wasn't 'grabbed' by either of them, iyswim. Thought Warlingham had great sports facilities (ds v sporty) and a slightly more 'traditional' feel which I admit I do like, but wasn't crazy about the Head (though to be fair we only caught half her speech!). I like the college system at Riddlesdown (especially as ds comes from a small village primary) and the science focus, but didn't quite feel comfortable there. Not sure why tbh. The kids seemed great at both, btw - really friendly, confident and polite.

Ds is keener on R atm (has recently been there for a science taster day and loved it) but I think he might get more out of W and fit in a little better there. Pfffffft - who knows! What do your dcs like/dislike about these schools - any thoughts appreciated...

Leeds2 Mon 15-Oct-12 14:17:38

I have no personal experience of either school, but a colleague's DD started at Riddlesdown in September, and is thoroughly enjoying it. Settled in very well, made lots of friends and was confident enough to sign up for a recent (non compulsory) overnight trip. My colleague is very happy with the choice.

meerkat46 Mon 15-Oct-12 17:15:33

My son went to Riddlesdown and excelled there. He is very academic and good at maths and science so it suited him. My daughter who also has a choice between Riddlesdown and Warlingham next year (we're also between them) is less academic so I feel Warlingham would probably suit her better. She however would prefer Riddlesdown as Warlingham has a swimming pool and she hates swimming!

laughinggnome Mon 15-Oct-12 21:40:09

My DS went to Warlingham - he is not at all academically interested but he loves sport which they really engaged him with.
My DD has just started - she is less sporty but has been really engaged by the drama facilities.
Although it is a huge school the teachers appear to manage to identify the kids interest fairly early on.
The head at Warlingham is a stickler for uniform - I quite like that.

Having said that my colleague at work has 2 DS` at Riddlesdown and they are really happy with the standard of teaching.

Think it boils down to whichever school your DS likes best as they are both good schools.

LemonLies Wed 02-Oct-13 13:10:45

Hi. I hope no one minds me resurrecting this thread as I am deciding between the same two schools and I thought the info above that I found when doing a search about these schools was useful. I'll start a new thread if people prefer though!
Anyway I wondered if anyone with knowledge of these two schools has any further information. My dd is in year 5 and I want to find a school where she fits in and is happy. She is fairly academic. She is mildly geeky I would say. She is into Minecraft. She is a bit shy at school and tends to have one or two good friends, rather than lots of friends. She is a bit sensitive and not very pushy, but is happy enough at her primary school. She gets good marks at maths. Not as good as a couple in her class, but good. She gets good marks at literacy too, but finds writing a chore and isn't keen on homework, although I make sure she does it. She likes swimming and PE, so that would be a plus point for W'ham. She doesn't get picked for teams really, but enjoys PE and swimming anyway. Thanks

ARealGirl Thu 09-Feb-17 23:48:40

I know this is a website for parents to voice opinions and ask question but I think that as a student that goes to Riddlesdown collegiate , any parents that may see this in the future may benefit about what I will say. Riddlesdown is like my second home. The school has polite and considerate pupils and was rated outstanding by ofsted. Some of the earlier students who are now famous are:

The CEO of Morrisons
Kieron Gibs (arsenal football player)
Kate Moss (model and all round amazing women)
And many more.
There is no doubt in my mind that that "other" school is "lovely" but for a place where kids can fully use our 3 million pound performing arts centre and science college not to mention all the excellent acedemics and teachers, Riddlesdown is the place to go. If you have any questions from a students perspective, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have smile

Titsywoo Thu 09-Feb-17 23:52:57

That's lovely. Maybe a bit less patronising about warlingham though? Both are great schools in their own right and suit different children in different ways. I preferred warlingham and my dd is very happy there now.

lacebell10 Fri 10-Feb-17 18:53:05

My dd is at Riddlesdown yr7. Loves it. And doesn't mind games which is a shock. Good pastarol care. Tutors veryresponsive to enquires. The school is much more sporty, drama music than art. All year 7 have to take part in a choir competition but they all seem to enjoy it. Few niggles if they join a choir as they miss leesons at the end of Autumn Term to do concerts and rehersals. The school production is great but also is a lot of commitment.
The school does require a lot of organisation from day one and lateness to school or lessons is not accepted.

AlexanderBerry Thu 23-Feb-17 14:50:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PuffinBadger Thu 23-Feb-17 15:19:45

After a lot of angsting about schools I came to the conclusion that I would be happy with either Oxted, Warlingham or Riddlesdown. They are all good schools. Dd would have got into Riddlesdown or Warlingham, I'm not sure whether she'd have got into Oxted or not. We chose Warlingham in the end on gut feeling, easier journey and friends going and dd is very happy there. I think most people are. It's a very well run school. They run a tight ship. I've been impressed with the teachers. Dd hasn't noticed any bullying or unkindness in contrast to her primary school. I'm sure she could have been happy at Oxted or Riddlesdown too.

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