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Consortium test 11+

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katd64 Mon 15-Oct-12 13:49:23

My son sat test recently (year 6). Recently diagnosed with hypermobility, problems with proprioceptive system? dyspraxia. Not really sure what it means for him yet so didn't realise he may have got help/extra time for test. School did say I could tick medical box on secondary application form but didn't mention actual test. Didn't finish test by about last 15 questions as fingers very sore, peeling and now has not done as well as expected .Notified a consortium test school but can't seem to help. Has anyone tried to appeal on similar grounds.? advice please.

FiveHoursSleep Mon 15-Oct-12 14:17:22

Try the 11+ forum for advice , but I think you can only appeal on these grounds once the places are allocated in March

tiggytape Mon 15-Oct-12 14:54:00

You would be able to appeal on the grounds that your DS is of selective ability (you'd need to prove this separately) and his medical conditions, only diagnosed after the test, explain his failure to demonstrate this on the day.
You could not appeal on the grounds that the school failed to make reasonable adaptations for your son to access the test fairly as obviously they did not know about any medical issues at the time.

You cannot appeal now however. You will have to list the school you want on your CAR (even if you know for a fact DS has failed ot reach the required mark), wait for an official rejection on March 1st and then submit the appeal including both medical evidence but most importantly, evidence that your DS is of selective ability and that any failure to demonstrate this in the 11+ was a physical one not an academic one.

tiggytape Mon 15-Oct-12 14:54:40

on your CAF not your CAR! (the form from the council)

oldqueenie Mon 15-Oct-12 16:19:17

i think you're asking about independent school entrance tests?? I think the replies you're getting are about state school admissions.... perhaps give a bit more detail? I think you will be in difficulties re appealing any private school refusals to offer a place... they have their own entrance criteria and can hardly be expected to know about any special needs which might have led to special arrangements for testing if you didn't tell them anything! If it is a private school I should let them have all the facts in writing and throw yourself on their mercy in the hope that something can be done to reconsider your ds.

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