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Help! North West London Secondary School (Edgware)

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movingschool Fri 12-Oct-12 14:31:19

DD is currently at Rosh Pinah, DSs are at Yavneh. DD will get a sibling place at Yavneh.

As far as I can tell we are out of catchment for Mill Hill County and can't afford private. Non-starter on music/dance or other special places. Not in catchment for Watford Grammer.

I'd really like the option of a non-faith school, at least to look at before making a final choice. Not willing to consider London Academy.

Do we realistically have any choice other than Yavneh/JFS/JCoSS from Edgware?

Nearlyyear5 Fri 12-Oct-12 15:08:56

Is she bright enough to consider Henrietts Barnett or to go for a selective place at Mill Hill County? Otherwise you are in a bit of a black hole for secondaries without going private.

Why are you having second thoughts about Yavneh? We far preferred JFS at first viewing and in an ideal world would also prefer non faith but am relieved that we do have faith as an option.

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