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School conundrum please help

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PhyllisDietrichson Tue 02-Oct-12 16:56:23

Orleans vs Inde Schools

We're looking at schools for DS for Sept 13. We can't decide at all and have gone round and round in circles trying to decide. We live locally so there's no school links anymore. We'd probably get into Orleans but are not sure whether to go for it, or we could eat beans for next 7 years to afford the Hampton or KGS fees.

DS is bright tho' passing an Inde exam is not a definite. He's sociable and fun, easily distracted and drawn to 'lively' (cheeky) boys in particular. He's sporty, musical and mathematical. He's can be quite lazy and needs watching or he'll do the minimum to get by.

I know someone who supply taught at Orleans and said behaviour was really not at all good in some lessons. Conversely friends with DC's there are very happy and say it's only a small minority who cause problems and that dicipline's not an issue. Allowing for DC's abilities and character. Do we try for Hampton/KGS where he'll be expected to keep standards high and where behavour's probably better OR follow our ideals and go for a well thought of local comp and accept it's good and it's bad and save ourselves a fortune?

What are your experiences please?

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