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Poor handwriting and help with exams

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IDK Fri 28-Sep-12 10:54:43

Can anybody offer advice
DS is quite bright (of course he is, he's a MN child!) He is in G&T and was on the school's Oxbridge watchlist. His GCSEs were OK but not amazing. His AS results are again OK but not amazing. He is now in Year 13 doing subjects that involve lots of essays.

DS has appalling handwriting and I would like some extra help in exams for him. I have tried raising it with the SENCO who is being very unhelpful and says that he is too old to take action on now. She is implying that there is not a real problem because if there was then it would have been mentioned earlier. She says that help is not available for pupils falling below their potential it is only available for those falling below the average. It seems that we are being penalised for soldiering on and not kicking up a stink before now. I wish that I had ignored DS befre when he said shh mum. don't make a fuss. don't be embarassing

She says that it is easy to get permission to use a computer but that is not a good solution for two reasons. DS has poor dexterity so mastering a keyboard is not much easier than mastering a pen. Also he will not have enough time to practice to get up to a decent wpm before exams.

She has fobbed us off by suggesting that we speak to our GP to get a medical report. Does anyone know how long this process takes? Any other helpful hints?

Phineyj Tue 13-Nov-12 21:15:36

You could try this book. I've been using it to improve my own handwriting (never an issue until I became a teacher and had to write on the board) and now recommend it to my students:
Our SENCO also doesn't seem to have much to offer re handwriting issues other than suggesting a laptop, which doesn't work well for the exams in my subject, as they require drawing and calculations in addition to writing.
Boys do seem to have more of an issue than girls - not sure why this is.

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