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Statementing at an acadamy, contact LEA?

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MrsjREwing Fri 28-Sep-12 08:13:58

Not sure how to go about this, any knowledge you can share would be great. Y10 and Y8 dc.

prh47bridge Fri 28-Sep-12 10:56:51

Can you be more specific. I am unclear what you want to know.

The basics are that the LA carries out an assessment and decides whether or not a statement is needed. If they produce a statement it will show what help your child will be given. It will also name the school your child will attend. You can choose which school is named. The LA only has very limited grounds for refusing to name your chosen school.

The school named on the statement must admit your child even if it is already full. They have no choice. If they refuse to comply you can appeal to SENDIST (the Special Educational Needs and DISabilities Tribunal). And if the LA refuses to name the school you want (which could be because the school doesn't want to be named) you can appeal to SENDIST. You can also appeal to SENDIST if you disagree with some other aspects of the statement.

Some old-style academies attempted to get out of this commitment and argued that SENDIST could not hear appeals from parents who wanted their child to attend an academy. However, SENDIST has recently decided that it can hear such appeals. For new-style academies it has always been clear that they are subject to decisions from SENDIST.

Once the child is at the school the LA will provide funding for any tailored provision needed. It is up to the LA to monitor and ensure that the support required by the statement is actually delivered. The LA must review the statement annually to ensure it is still appropriate.

MrsjREwing Fri 28-Sep-12 11:07:56

what if you change schools and LEA? The unfirmation you have given is great thank you.

What kind of support can be offered for a condition that has symptoms similar to cfs, lots of pain, injuries, handwriting hurts and books hurt, certain things in PE are difficult. New Acadamy not old, they are not nice there.

prh47bridge Fri 28-Sep-12 12:53:38

Statementing is up to your home LA regardless of where your child goes to school. However, if you move home so you live in a different LA the statement does not travel with you. It is then up to your new LA to decide whether or not to issue a statement and what to put in it.

Once you have a statement naming a school the assumption is that your child will stay at that school. If you want your child to change schools you should get the statement amended to name the new school. If your child has not yet got a statement you can ask the LA to name any school you want. You don't have to choose a school within the same LA and you don't have to name the current school if your child is unhappy there.

As for what kind of support they can offer, I'm not really the right person to ask but I believe for CFS it can include home tuition and/or a modified timetable.

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