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School transport to the Priory School in Dorking

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samdarlington Thu 27-Sep-12 23:33:53

We live in a village called Oakwoodhill in a rural area of Surrey. My daughter is in year nine of The Priory School. The Priory school has always been one of our catchment schools until the admissions policy changed a while ago so that now we don't have catchment schools in our area it now goes by our 'closest' school, regardless of county. The Priory is now our fifth closest school with three of the closest five being in a different county. To cut a long story short, we are not entitled to free transport as it is not our closest school but she has been on a concessionary place for the last two years but now there is apparently not room for her. Where we live there is no public transport from any of the local villages to the school so the only way of getting her there and back is by car. Husband and I both work full time and younger son is at school in the opposite direction so its a round trip of an hour twice a day to do the school run. I know there are six children on the concessionary seat waiting list and will be more I'm sure with next years admissions due to this new transport criteria and local people being caught out with not knowing about there kids not getting transport to the Priory any more. Is anyone else having troubel like this or anyone else local to us wanting to share school runs?

lizrose100 Wed 02-Mar-16 19:00:53

Does anyone have any recent news about the Priory School in Dorking

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