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Year 7 - how much stuff has your DC lost so far?

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sandyballs Tue 25-Sep-12 07:51:17

DD lost a blouse, a set of pens and a lunch box within the first week. This morning she can't find her entire PE kit that she took to school yesterday, she says it could have been left on the bus or at school. No lockers at school and nowhere to leave anything. It's driving me mad.

If she doesn't find the kit it will cost about £70 to replace. I've told her I'm not just going to go out and buy a new one and she has gone off in tears with a pair of knackered old trainers that don't fit and plain shorts and t shirts without school logo which she can wear for a few weeks while she saves up. Harsh or a lesson to learn?

And breathe ....... so cross at how careless she is and how she doesn't seem to give a flying fig!

I should add that she's very sporty and is doing trials for various teams at the moment which probably means that she won't do well with too small trainers and the schools will possibly not pick her as she isn't in correct uniform sad

bubby64 Thu 04-Oct-12 10:45:13

Spoke too soon about it getting better! Whole PE kit lost on Monday, only admitted it to me yesterdaywhen he didn't stay after school for Rugby club, as he couldnt find it. He is under instructions to look and ask again today, as I am not forking the £50 odd quid for a new one! It is all names, even the bag, trainers and socks, but that doesnt mean anything! He needs it for regular lessons tomorrow, and if he doesnt have it, they will make him wear the schools 'extra' one, which has a bright yellow logo shirt instead of the blue and white one that is the norm, so people do not go off with it, and plimpsoles instead of trainers- He can't borrow his twins one, as he is the bigger of the two, and it wont fit!

prettybird Wed 03-Oct-12 14:49:15

SO far ds has only admitted to lost his Qcard which he loads to pay for lunch. Fortunately, he can use cash to pay, although they prefer the kids to be cashless. Also fortunately, he only had about 15p left on it when he lost it.

He is refusing to go to the office to ask about it. He was going to go and see the S1 depute head as he likes her, but she's been off ill. He should soon be getting his Young Scot card which he can also use as a Qcard, so I think he's just trying to procrastinate until it arrives.

In the meantime, I am having to find £1.15 every day, rather than just give him 6 pound coins at the beginning of the week hmm

Slateheart Wed 03-Oct-12 14:21:48

We are a school coat, and school shoes down this week.

So far this school year they add to a school hoody and boot bag with new rugby boots and gum shield inside. I despair! He was made to buy a new boot bag and hoody. We bought replacement boots and he now has a cheapie gum shield. I had hoped him replacing them would help!

magso Wed 03-Oct-12 08:54:31

Good luck!
Ds now in yr8 lost lots last year and regularly came home without sweatshirts and coats, even in mid winter. Everything was named and occasionally things did get found. I do put our home phone in also as ds goes to SN school and parents are scattered over the county. I had to keep buying new tops just to keep him covered!And yes I did go into school regularly - but was never allowed to search myself - only ds ( who cannot read) was allowed!
Anyway on the last week of term we were down to one sweatshirt only ( having paid for 6 over the year) and -- yes Ds ended up bringing 4 of the lost 5 home on the last day! So there is hope sandy!

sandyballs Wed 03-Oct-12 08:41:04

No sign of lost PE kit. DD doesn't seem bothered about it. I'm going into school today.

bringbacksideburns Wed 03-Oct-12 08:11:46

He lost his coat three times in three weeks. Culminating in me having to travel to the arse end of nowhere to fetch it back from some bus depot lost property office. Couldn't believe i got it back actually!

Also a pair of sports socks.

Actually that's not too bad. No doubt there will be more to come. He doesn't have a locker and i do feel sorry for them having to lug a school bag and sometimes two different sets of sports stuff around all day.

thelastgoldenticket Wed 03-Oct-12 08:07:26

That's good to hear Ecolady, smile

EcoLady Wed 03-Oct-12 00:03:25

Keys were found and handed in! Hurrah smile

thelastgoldenticket Tue 02-Oct-12 23:52:27

*past - passed?? long day!

thelastgoldenticket Tue 02-Oct-12 23:50:08

And swoosh there goes another pair of trousers today aswell!! Two pairs two days!! Must be a record!! Came home in his rugby kit and didn't realise sad
You're probably right Lancelottie, I've been on to M+S to order new long leg replacements. A right pain because now down to one pair until next monday (no 12 long leg in stores). £11 each, thought I would have got passed xmas before thinking of replacing. He Has cross country tomorrow last lesson so I'm checking His kit before we leave!!! :D

Lancelottie Tue 02-Oct-12 22:24:58

Wouldn't hold out too much hope of them noticing, Golden! My DSs (younger one 5 ft tall, older one 6 ft 2) can still appear for breakfast in each other's trousers and look startled when it's pointed out...

thelastgoldenticket Tue 02-Oct-12 12:32:59

I've just washed another childs trousers! Seems the mad scramble after football trails last night resulted in the wrong clothes being thrown in his bag. Hope his trousers turn up, these ones are 8inches too short so the other boy should notice the difference!
Just realised though, clubs are mixed ages so they could be anywhere by now.

lljkk Tue 02-Oct-12 12:12:58

Never mind what have they lost, what have the broken?
DS has bashed his compass case, and his lunch boxes (admittedly only Chinese Takeaway boxes) keep coming home crunched & warped. With trepidation I added a calculator to his bag last night.

Do they make small cheap indestructible good function range calculators?

lastSplash Mon 01-Oct-12 22:14:11

In the first two weeks:

2 jumpers
2 fountain pens
homework book
various bits of stationery

A few of these things have come back, mainly down to me searching for them.

Surely there's some kind of tagging I can do to his stuff - like those things for finding your car keys... Naming things and hoping they come back to you just isn't working out.

EcoLady Mon 01-Oct-12 20:54:03

Keys have gone today! Locker, bike lock & house key :-(

Here's hoping that they are just mislaid & handed in.

Madmog Fri 28-Sep-12 14:48:36

sandyballs - have you managed to locate the PE kit yet? I hope so!

louisea Fri 28-Sep-12 14:26:06

Her twin sister has PE different days so we are alternating kit, much to her sisters disgust!
This made me LAUGH!!!

The same in our house except that we have boys and there is a difference of two sizes in their shoes. They are forever scrambling around in each other's draws looking for spares.

walrusmoustache Fri 28-Sep-12 14:04:19

At the end of term last year I was clearing out my Y4's cloakroom and found:
2 pairs of wellies
at least 6 coats
numerous jumpers/cardigans/school fleeces
1 pair of socks
1 pair of tights
1 PE dap

nannyof3 Fri 28-Sep-12 12:38:24

Pair of trainers
Full pe kit
Blazer and tie
Oyster card

PebbleBella Fri 28-Sep-12 12:34:22

So far, we have not lost anything. I can hardly believe it.

bubby64 Fri 28-Sep-12 08:41:59

2 Yr7 DS's, between them the list so far is: 1 locker key (found on friends loo floor), 1 front door key(not found), I French homework (found in locker) 1 english book(found in food tec classroom) 1 sweatshirt, logoed(found in lost property) 1 pair school trousers!!(found in PE changing rooms) Oh, and 1 bus pass- returned by a very nice bus driver!!
Each time thye have paniced, and a couple of times we have had tears, but I have said to them to look in their locker, last class they were in, and lost property, and trace their steps since thy last knew they had it (especially important re locker keys and bus pass), so far, as you can see, most has been found, nothing lost in the last week, so maybe they are getting a little better, but we shall see.....!

fait Fri 28-Sep-12 08:10:32

I was feeling quite smug - until last night whenmy DS came back without his boot bag and a pair of rugby boots. He has been sent to school 45 minutes early today to either locate them in the changing rooms or find out where lost property is and release them from captivity.

He takes a siz 1.5 so it is very unlikely that there is any other child in senior school who will fit into them - their only other use would be as those dangly things people hang from their rear view mirrors in cars ...

I am very cross though - and have said that if they are not found then the football match on Sunday will simply happen without him.

PropositionJoe Fri 28-Sep-12 07:57:38

I have limited the phone number to bags containing stuff so far - so school bags, games bags, instrument cases. I get little tags from Timpsons that you can write on and fasten them to the zips. As they get older I use an inside zip so their mates can't see, but I still do it!

peanutbutterandbanana Fri 28-Sep-12 00:39:57

DS now in Year 8 and three weeks into term hasn't loss anything... yet.

Last year he lost his mobile phone (only £10 per handset) once per term. He has to replace them each time (hence the cheap handset) and this year I am charging him an extra fiver if he loses it to cover the cost of my time having to deal with Vodafone (multi level automatic answering system where I have to make six choices of buttons to press before I speak to a human and then it takes 20 minutes to cancel and reorder the sim card and then get another handset). So far he hasn't lost phone this term.

Any uniform lost has to be replaced out of his pocket/Christmas/birthday money. Last year he lost four items, which turned out to be expensive for him. This year, so far, he has kept hold of everything.

DD1 is 15 and she has only ever lost one school skirt which she had to replace with her pocket money. She vowed 'never again'.

I also had some nametapes done that said 'If lost please phone xxxx ) which was my mobile tel number. I sew them onto coats and towels and scarves, things that might be left places. Once the school bus lady called me because the bus was going to be late, by reading my phone number on the back of DS's coat and once my DD1 left her coat at a children's farm. They washed it, phoned me and then posted it to her school (it had school logo on). As children get older they don't want my phone number on their possessions though. But I still put it on their swimming towelssmile

BoffinMum Thu 27-Sep-12 22:28:16

My friend lost her entire Y7 child - the bus didn't come so he decided to walk the entire four miles home, then got half way to mine after about 2 hours (!) and came to ask me for help and a lift. It was only by chance I happened to be there (late for choir run).

Puts a new spin on it, losing the entire uniform with the child still in it!

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