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Forest v Highgate v state comp

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scampadoodle Mon 24-Sep-12 10:16:20

DS1 is in yr6. We can probably afford to educate him privately at secondary level and have earmarked Forest School and Highgate as our faves.

Our only concern about Forest is that it might not be as academically rigorous as Highgate - is this a fair comment? Would love to hear from those of you with experience of either school.

Alternatively, we are in the catchment for a recently dire but now vastly improved & oversubscribed state school. It has an 'outstanding' Ofsted but this is (I believe) down to the fact that until a year or so ago the vast majority of its intake was of a low level academically (for various reasons) so its 'value-added' is very good. They have now started getting people into Oxbridge & RG.

DS1 is very bright especially maths/science. He was 5a at end of Yr 5. But he is lazy & happy to do what he is good at & just coast along. He needs pushing.


scampadoodle Mon 24-Sep-12 10:17:58

Sorry, can I just add that if we 'went State' we'd be happy to pay for a tutor on the side.

Farewelltoarms Mon 24-Sep-12 13:40:58

Where are you?
Are you taking into account journey times? I'd be put off Forest for that reason.
Highgate a bit of a lottery to get into isn't it? Or maybe not with those sats I suppose.
Sorry not very helpful, I'm just bumping you as we'll be in same situation in a couple of years time. I am increasingly wondering whether our kids would do as well in the state school as all my friends' children who go to comprehensives seem to end up at the same universities as those who go to expensive privates. This seems especially so of the children who aren't genii. If you go to, say City Boys/Girls and you don't come out with a string of A*s it seems both employers and universities are a bit sniffy.

scampadoodle Mon 24-Sep-12 15:02:36

That's an interesting angle Farewell - that good grades from a state school trump those from an independent.

We're in islington. Forest is a slightly longer journey than Highgate but it's not too bad. I've been put off Latimer for that reason, even though it's free! (Albeit difficult to get into).

Oh it's so hard... if we go private we need to know that they'll really push him, as that's what we're paying for, but could we save shedloads of £££s by sending him locally & using a tutor as a top up? I suppose we could always see if a private school would take him in Yr 9...

michaelaB Mon 24-Sep-12 18:09:47

Highgate is a fantastic school and you will get much more than merely a place at a good university at the end of your child's stay. Academically and in many other ways it is far ahead of Forest.

scampadoodle Mon 24-Sep-12 18:46:08

Thanks Michaela. I presume you have kids at Highgate? How do you know about Forest?

loveyouradvice Tue 20-Nov-12 21:56:22

I know a bit about both Forest nad Highgate - my nephew at Forest and loving it, really flourishing... my daugher hoping to go to Highgate.

Highgate definitely more academic and they would expect you to get in with those levels, so long as English ok - I was told my DD who is 5A in Maths now would definitely get a place by their admin tutor.

To be honest Id go for both - and best advice Ive had is from Highgate admin guy saying your view of all schools will change as you go through the interview process and dont prejudge.

That said, Highgate being fully mixed is very different to Forest which is two parallel schools, though they share the coach.

Both wonderful schools... and I have been so impressed by pastoral care and personal touch at Forest with my nephew! He adores.

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