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Hitchin Girls' School info anyone?

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feetheart Sun 23-Sep-12 15:15:55

Early days as DD is in Yr5 and we aren't in catchment but she is really keen on an all-girls secondary. This is our closest option but I know nothing.

All information, thoughts and opinions would be very welcome, thanks.

Tessibear Sun 23-Sep-12 21:36:03

My DD attends Hitchin Girls School. The school is continually over subscribed year on year, and to add to that they have just changed the admission criteria to include more girls from Hitchin. Take a look at the HGS website admissions page it explains the criteria there. I have not heard of anyone getting in who is not within the catchment area. If you also go on the Herts direct website you can view previous years admission numbers and where they were from.

feetheart Mon 24-Sep-12 13:07:54

Thanks, I had looked at the admission page but will have a look at the Herts stuff too.
I know its a very long shot but the boy next door got into Hitchin Boys last year and it raised the whole existence of single sex schools. DD has decided she is fed up of being taught with boys and, given her experiences, I don't blame her one bit!

Coincidently your MN nickname is also DD's in RL - now if I believed in omens smile

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