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Hockey in Year 7

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fait Thu 20-Sep-12 09:25:30

My DS plays tennis, football, rugby at A team level for school and for his club and really enjoys sport. At his old school he was doing maybe 13-15 hours a week including weekends (all the above plus athletics, cricket, racket ball and swimming). Now he is in year 7, they get one games perod a week and one PE. The main school sport is hockey, which is a game he has not played before - he has done two full days in the school training camp and really enjoyed it. He is showing reasonable ability and wants his own hockey stick rather than the wooden school ones which is fair enough. He is keen to practise on his own to improve ball skills and although the school has offered to lend him a wooden one, I may as well get him his own stick. In order to increase his weekly sport quota he has joined the after school hockey club, which gives him another 1.5 hours a week of activity and has a prety good chance of getting into the B team initially. To be honest, he is very small for his age and I know I would be happier with him playing hockey rather than rugby as he gets older!

The reason for all this rambling is to demonstrate that he is reasonably sporty, therefore I want to purchase a stick that is better than simply the basic school stick without going overboard. I spoke to the coach last night who was pleased that DS was taking it seriously and suggested a composite stick of 34 - 35 inches. Having been on several websites, the selection is staggering, and wondered whether there were any hockey buffs who could recommend a stick. I know from other sports that you don't have to buy the most expensive just to get something that is reasonably good.

Any advice would be most welcome - thanks in advance.

jo164 Thu 20-Sep-12 10:12:22

I am a PE teacher and a 'retired' hockey player! Personally I always played with 'TK' hockey sticks as this was my preference, but to be honest there are lots of decent sticks. Grays, mercian, kookaburra to name a few. I would suggest you don't need to spend more than £40 on a first stick as this will be perfectly good enough - and you wil probably find if he really takes to it you will be asked to upgrade it in a few years time as he grows anyway! I would go to a decent sports shop (not something like JJB) look up a proper sports shop that has a fair range of sticks and take your son along to have a play! Each stick is often slightly differently weighted and he may find one feels better than another to play with.

fait Thu 20-Sep-12 10:30:20

Thanks jo164 - that is really helpful. We have a local sports shop which has a hockey section - will go there and let him have a go with a few. He is already nagging me as he wants to practise tonight!

walpole Thu 20-Sep-12 11:09:50

Dont get one that is too long. My dds use their tummy buttons as a guide for length although one is now too tall for this! Does he play on astroturf as astro trainers are really worth getting.

bettys Thu 20-Sep-12 11:31:22

We got ds's Malik stick from Barrington Sports .

Maryz Thu 20-Sep-12 11:36:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fait Thu 20-Sep-12 12:35:41

Thanks for all the advice - I hate being in a "know absolutely nothing" state!

I like the idea of lighter training balls - particularly where he will be practicing!
He already has astro shoes (for football) but having said that the bobbly bits have pretty much worn out, so a new pair is due. He is tiny, and is a size 1.5 - it is so difficult finding shoes with laces rather than velcro at that size!
Thanks for the Chamois grip info - will try to find that as well!

goinggetstough Thu 20-Sep-12 14:11:45

OP where do you live as possibly a mumsnetter can recommend a shop. Good hockey shops will definitely let your DS have a go with a stick.We have been to a few that have a little goal etc inside so they can really hit the ball and not just dribble. According to my DC age 20 the sticks really do feel different so you need to have a go with them if possible.

Don't forget a mouthguard!!

fait Thu 20-Sep-12 14:48:38

Thanks - we live in Buckinghamshire.

OneMoreMum Thu 20-Sep-12 14:55:33

Sorry I don't know the name but I know some kids who play hockey quite seriously and I believe their parents used to get the kit from a shop in Buckingham.
Get a good quality gum shield too - Ds1 has a broken tooth to show for what happens when you get hit in the mouth without one (was only knocking the ball around not playing a match)

goinggetstough Thu 20-Sep-12 15:04:21 Not sure which part of Buckinghamshire you live in but maybe Bicester is not too far. I have not been here personally but a friend said it was good. Plus it looks like they have a clearance sale on but that might just be online!!

fait Thu 20-Sep-12 15:06:43

Bicester is not too bad for us to get to so will try that. Many thanks for all your help with my questions; it is much appreciated!

Maryz Thu 20-Sep-12 15:12:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

walpole Thu 20-Sep-12 15:23:05

Adidas do a new 5 a side football boot which comes in small sizes. My dds wear them for hockey (one is a size 12!)

fait Thu 20-Sep-12 15:37:53

Oh - that sounds fab - will check the five a side boot out!
Will let you know how we got on ...

Maryz Thu 20-Sep-12 15:48:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fait Thu 20-Sep-12 15:52:36

Oooh - those are really smart. But he will have to live with footie astro boots for the moment! Mind you, his last pair actually wore out as his foot grows less than half a size a year at the moment. He has the big footie shinpads with the ankle protectors - but I quite like the look of the moulded hockey ones.

My purse is nearly empty as my car service ended up at £1200!!!!! Brakes and discs all round. hmm

fait Fri 28-Sep-12 09:13:31

Quick thread resurrection to thank everyone for their help.

Bought him a Grays stick with bag and shin pads and some Nike 5 a side astro boots. He loves the new stick and has been practicing. Yesterday he was moved from the C group in hockey to the B group - and within ten minutes promoted to the A group!

Now need to get the chamois and glove ...

So many thanks for all your help - one happy DS who absolutely loves his new sport!

nomnomdeplume Fri 28-Sep-12 10:35:20

Brilliant! Silly really but the right kit really does help.

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