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Sixth form - Holland Park School?

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Sicsformer Sun 16-Sep-12 18:22:18

DD is currently in a selective school (indie) in west London. Strongly considering moving to state for sixth form, for financial reasons apart from anything else. I also think DD would be better in a non hothouse and would like to be with boys! We live near Holland Park School and I know some people with kids at the lower school who are very positive about it.

Has anyone got any recent experience of the Sixth Form? DD is intelligent but not really the Oxbridge type although she should get main A/A* in her exams. Is it an academic atmosphere or is the teaching pitched more towards the C or D grade students. I also concerned about the pastoral care and extra curicular activities if anyone has any experience they would be willing to share?

Thank you!

localstateschool Mon 17-Sep-12 09:20:07

I know a lot about the school for work reasons. I was VERY impressed by the sixth form - both from an academic and extra-curricular pov. You should look round. I'd seriously consider it for my dcs when the time comes.

sixthform220998 Sun 16-Nov-14 19:37:57

My son will start sixth form in Sept 2015. His current top two schools of choice are Holland Park and Harris Westminster.He/I would love some comments/guidance on HP and possible HW( which may be harder as it's new)

grunty Mon 17-Nov-14 05:18:50

HP? Too small, very restricted subject choice - impossible to do arts or humanities only. Considering it is very selective for Sixth, the results are not brilliant. They tend to highlight the successes of the very able who would have done well anywhere and a lot of able kids in year 11 choose other schools. Few Sixth form facilities. No school trips abroad in general. Too corporate (kids have to wear business suits). Very controlling and paternalistic leadership team. Virtually no women in senior positions in the school.

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