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new rules re: lunchtime and toilets!

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fostermumtomany Wed 05-Sep-12 17:59:58

My son and daughter returned to school today after the summer hols.
upon arrival they were handed a list of new school rules. two of these rules are:
lunchtime: 20 minutes to eat, then outside for 10 minutes exercise.
no re-entry to the building under any circumstances. They are literally locked inside for the 20 minutes eating time then once outside they have a small area to play for 10 minutes.
they have been told that if they want to go the toilet, they have to go on the way to classes, if they are then late for class, they will be given an hours detention after school.

the problem is is that if they are all waiting for the loo on the way to lessons, they are going to be late!
they are not allowed to go during lesson time, or at morning break. only after lunch on the way to lessons.

is this against some rule somewhere? surely they cannot dictate when kids can pee or not pee?!

kids have also been told that if they become unwell during the schoolday, they will not be sent home. they will be placed in a quiet classroom with a teaching assistant and will carry on with their work in a quiet environment.
im debating whetehr or not to remove my kids from this school.
i get that some kids will be messing about and ruining it for other kids, but it seems to be very very unfair to tarnish all the kids with the same brush and make them all suffer.

they are now getting a total of 10 minutes break in the morning, 20 miniutes to eat and 2 minutes to play at lunch, thats it.
is there anything that we, as parents can do about this?

Knowsabitabouteducation Sun 14-Oct-12 21:06:20

What is weird about the OP's school is not being able to use the toilet at break time. Surely that is the whole point of break. If there are behaviour problems, these need to be tackled differently. Don't they have staff on duty?

As for lessons, in a senior school, you expect the students to manage a whole lesson. Those with problems should be well known to staff and allowed to go without any questions.

I only let students (without problems) out if the are starting to wriggle, and beforehand, I have to sign their diary for the record. If two want to go, the second one has to wait until the first returns. I am not worried about bad behaviour and put the obstacles in place to keep them in lessons.

Arisbottle Sun 14-Oct-12 21:22:52

I agree it is daft that they cannot go to the loo during break, that is what break time is for .

It does sound like the school has some real discipline problems and I can see why they may want students outside at lunch . The lunchtime is very short as well, which to me suggests a discipline issue .

We officially do not let students go to the toilet during lessons but every now and again I let a girl go, in case her period has started . We have students who need to go for medical reasons and they have a pass. As a teacher when I am on my periods there are times when I have to change my sanitary protection every 30 mins do would have to nip out, otherwise I would have to call in sick, which would be ridiculous .

LocaBillmore188 Sun 15-Sep-13 15:18:47

What year are your kids in? Primary school this is wrong but secondary school I expect it but it is still wrong. If its the the toilet thing your worried about simply do what I did. I have 5 kids 2 in primary 3 in secondary and I think it's wrong with a capital W to stop kids emptying their bladders when they need to so every one of my children has a toilet pass and non of them have medical problems ex my 14 year old he has very mild cerebral palsy. Just go in and ask for one and if they say no then threaten to move them school. All you need to ask for is a pass that says: Due to a parents granted request NAME MUST be allowed to go to the toilet whenever the need arises.
Let me know how you get on! smile

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