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audiology as a career?

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noddy33 Mon 27-Aug-12 09:13:10

My dd is realising that her dream of studying medicine may not be that realistic. While not ruling it out, she has looked at all other careers and audiology seems to be the only one she is interested in (sort of).
She likes the patient contact, different areas of work but is put off by the fact that there seems to little chance of career progression as there are limited opportunities. I have heard that some audiologists are on a band 5 for years.
I think she is worried that she will always feel inferior to the medics but maybe that is just life!
That said, she likes the content of the courses in Southhampton and Leeds.
Any advice?

Bonsoir Mon 27-Aug-12 09:17:05

There are lots of different careers for people who are interested in medicine but not quite doctor material. Look here for example.

noddy33 Mon 27-Aug-12 09:27:45

thanks for response Bonsoir, she has looked through these careers and audiology is the one she is most interested in.

daisysue2 Sat 29-Sep-12 07:10:23

My dad is an audiologist is 81 and still works most days, he loves his patients, having known many of them since they were youngsters and they are now in the 50s. He loves the ever changing side of the technology and just going into work and the staff.

Many of the Audiologists set up as independents working in the high street now alongside Opticians. As this is the way to make money rather than just being within the NHS. They will set up a shop as Opticians do and see patients privately, this is the way to add to their income.

Hearing aids change technologically so much and the variety in price is drastic depending on quality, and the only hearing aids available on the NHS are the basic levels. So the patients you tend to have will be those who have a need and a desire to have the best hearing aids.

NHS hearing aid distribution is changing over the next year or two and they are now using the independents to do this which will.

runnervt Sat 29-Sep-12 07:22:15

Has she considered any of the options that come under Clinical Scientists? She could be an audiological scientist which involves training to a higher level and would then have a different career path.

CMOTDibbler Sat 29-Sep-12 07:27:06

Noddy, if your dd is still looking, then has she considered medical physics ? We work in lots of areas from ultrasound, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, radiation protection to things like clinical engineering (designing adaptive aids for people with disabilities), physiological measurement, and MRI.
I initially chose the field as I wasn't going to get the grades for medicine, loved science and wanted to do something for people. Did a degree in medical physics, got a training job, then have worked in radiotherapy for many years now.

eatyourveg Sat 29-Sep-12 11:26:38

I was an audiologist in my former life pre marriage mortgage and children and the training back then was medical physics/physiological measurement. Only Manchester did the BSc back then. Digital hearing aids were only just coming in and very rarely issued on the nhs. There is only so far you can go because usually there is only one top bod per ENT dept which may cover one district general hospital and a few satellite ones too.

Clinical Scientists would be able to go further as runnervt mentions. Depends on what your dd wants out of her career.

It was the best job I have ever had -thoroughly enjoyed it and if it weren't for the crap pay (no idea of the pay scales now) I'd still be doing it but then I wouldn't have got a dh mortgage and children until years later.

noddy33 Sat 29-Sep-12 17:33:14

Thanks for all comments. DD is applying to 3 medicine courses and a BSc health care science (audiology) in leeds (going to open day 2 weeks time) and BSc health care science (cardio physiology) in leeds or belfast. She has audiology clinics lined up and a day in a cochlear implant centre. It is great to hear you all speak enthusiatically about your careers, DD found everyone she has spoken to say the same. In fact, the audiologists are the only people who have told her they like their jobs!
As for medical physics, DD didn't do physics so I'm sure this rules her out though it does sound interesting.
I'll find out more about the Clinical Scientists option when we are at the open day. Thanks again for recent responses eatyourveg, daisysue2,CMOTdibbler, runnervt

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