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Anyone understand GCSE PE?

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hanginginthere1 Fri 24-Aug-12 10:49:57

DD got results yesterday. A'S and A*'s, so we are very, very pleased.
Despite being predicted a* in pe, she got an A. OK, you might say, that is still very good. Unfortunately, however, she managed only a D in the theory paper of the Double award. S he was put in for this in addition to the single award. She gained full marks in the practical aspect of the course[County/national std in her chosen sport]. I am in no doubt that this D was due to poor/lazy teaching. the double course was tagged on at the end of the course, approx 3 lessons, one of which the teacher didn't show up for.No real preparation/practise etc. Without wishing to appear arrogant, DD is a very capable girl, as her other results show, yet she has basically failed this part of the course. I feel really angry about this, since there are other issues that we have not been happy with concerning her PE teacher. Have spoken to head, and expressed my concern, and he admitted that this result was "odd". The others in the class are similar.
We are going to get the single award remarked, since she was only one mark short of the A*. Head, of course, did not really want to listen to my daughter's concerns about her teacher, but assured us that the results would be analysed.
i have never fully understood what this double award was all about. At parents even, teacher talked about lots of different thing, e.g. coaching, that my daughter could do. When daughter asked about this, then told that there was no longer enough time to do this!
Can anybody shed any light on what this double award is really all about, and what questions I need to really be asking there teacher, byway of an explanation.
Not a rant about teachers, by the way. i am one myself. I do know however that some teachers will close ranks when being criticised, and a full explanation is un likely to be forthcoming.
My daughter is very upset. Her ambition is to study medicine, and rightly or wrongly, she feels that she has been deprived of at least one A* that she should have got.

lljkk Wed 29-Aug-12 14:50:22

JO1985 What do you think are the best GCSE options for someone interested in a career teaching PE, or other sports tuition?

senua Thu 30-Aug-12 09:13:36

Thanks for your reply Jo which throws up some interesting questions. As I am sure that you are aware, if you are top-level in any sport then it is very time-consuming. It is difficult to give much time to other things, let alone another sport. Are you saying that GCSE PE is only suitable for 'jack of all trades and master of none' and actually is weighted against specialist top performers?

It shouldn't be that hard for a county/regional/national level sudent to get an A*/A grade, surely? Someone at that level is often playing up a few age-groups in their specialist sport and we are only talking about GCSE level assessment in their other sports for goodness sake, not Olympic selection! If so many students can get A grades in Maths and English when taken early then why is it so difficult for the best sportspeople to get A grade when taken at the correct age?

hanginginthere1 Fri 31-Aug-12 09:15:21

Thank you for your reply.
You make some valid points. I just have difficulty getting my head around the fact that my daughter was almost on full marks practically, is an A*A student in all 3 sciences, and then comes out with a D in one of the theory papers.

jo164 Fri 31-Aug-12 10:23:50

I am also a PE teacher, and would support the comments made by Jo1985. It is supposed to be an all around PE qualification, unfortunately not a GCSE in one specific sport which may be played to a high level. I assume that it was intended that by students covering a range of activities, it would make it accessible to a larger number of pupils. Perhaps it is something the exam boards need to think about though. Maybe a national level player needs to have more credit for that sport and less emphasis placed on others?
However it doesn't appear to be the practical which is causing the problem here. I would be asking for a remark of that particular paper, seeing as it was so far off the expected grade, and failing that at least get the paper returned. I have to say I find it hard to understand how an A* pupil can get a D on a GCSE PE paper...

floatingquoter Fri 31-Aug-12 13:56:39

we had no serious PE was I was at school. Fings have changed. Including spelling.

georgiacarole Tue 09-Oct-12 11:55:53

My son has also had trouble with his PE GCSE results, he got 8A*'s and the rest A's with the exception of a B for PE. He got an A for the physical part of the exam but an F, yes an F for his written paper. How can an A* in all sciences obtain an F in such a paper? he had revised thoroughly sports psycology and structure even applied anatomy and physiology for sports.
He had an excellent PE teacher and it makes no sence.
Many of the other student had equaly low marks for their writtem part of the exam so my question is How have the exam boards produced such a paper that an A* student can only acheive an F mark? I have requested my sons papers and a remark but there is something very irregular about this PE subject GCSE and I intend to write to the board of examiners and the school regarding this matter.

bossboggle Tue 09-Oct-12 18:16:59

Yep, avoid it me thinks!! Stick with the academic stuff - it's a lot safer. My DC was very academic and very musical - I warned my DC's PE teacher (when DC had to do PE!) - if they had injured their hands or any other part of their body in unnecessary activities then there would be hell to pay! And I wasn't joking either - had Dc been injured in any way whilst doing mindless 'games' then I would have had no compunction in removing my Dc from the lesson instantly! As it was Dc removed themselves and concentrated on their academic studies which proved very worth while!! DC does exercise but choosing to do something that DC likes!!

ImmortalBeloved72 Tue 09-Jul-13 19:15:57

Really sorry to post in what is now an old thread but I really need some help and advice. My son had to pick his GSCE subjects just before school finished for summer. He was told that he couldn't do GCSE PE because he doesn't do 4 sports outside of school. He is a qualified junior leader and junior black belt in Ju Jitsu but that is only classed as 1 sport. How on earth can this be the case? Who brought in that rule? My son wants to be a Ju Jitsu instructor when he's older but if he can't do GCSE PE surely that isn't going to do him any favours. The PE teacher (complete idiot) said that there aren't as many restrictions in A level PE and that he could do that but between now and then things could change and knowing our luck we will be told that because he didn't do GCSE PE he can't do A level PE. Does anyone know anything about this, it is different on the mainland, we're in Belfast, Northern Ireland and I know examinations can be different.

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