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Girls or Mixed Boarding Schools for Sixth Form

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SRGR Thu 09-Aug-12 09:59:07

My d is not very academically inclined but very interested in music, drama and sports. Any suggestions for a good boarding school for girls or a coed with a balance of this

happygardening Thu 16-Aug-12 09:14:28

I think Marlborough would be a little disappointed to be considered "not overly academic" and it is very over subscribed at both yr 9 and 11.

happygardening Thu 16-Aug-12 09:20:21

I was actually up near Uppingham yesterday it seemed a bloody long way from London but lovely countryside, not sure how good the public transport links are!

EdithWeston Thu 16-Aug-12 13:26:52

Uppingham (unlike Oakham) does not have a train station, so you'd probably be driving - straight up A1, turn left onto A47 at Peterborough.

Oakham is similar length drive (turn left off A1 at Stamford), but you can also get the train - main east coast line, change at Peterborough.

They're both quite easy journeys, but on straight logistics Oakham has the edge because of the trains.

happygardening Thu 16-Aug-12 13:33:00

I passed a village nr Iakham which apprared to be called Edith Weston!!

kerrygrey Thu 16-Aug-12 13:47:54

Oakham also gets a number of 6th formers from Europe, especially Germany, because of direct trains from Stansted. And of course I.B is useful for those not aiming for British Universiries

happygardening Thu 16-Aug-12 13:49:49

Uppingham I believe is one of the few remaing only full boarding schools.

EdithWeston Thu 16-Aug-12 14:03:36

Yup, I'm a village! No I don't live in it, but do belong to the general area.

happygardening Thu 16-Aug-12 14:11:41

What a fab name for a village who was Edith Weston. Sorry OP for hyjacking the thread just genuinely curious!

EdithWeston Thu 16-Aug-12 14:19:05

It was named for Edith of Wessex, wife of Edward the Confessor. QueenEdith was my Jubilee name change.

YouBrokeMySmoulder Thu 16-Aug-12 14:19:12

What about King Edwards in Witley near Godalming. It is co-ed but much more relaxed than the others with a big emphasis on drama etc. At least it used to be. Near London too.

happygardening Thu 16-Aug-12 14:24:13

As I said lovely area and some very pretty villages we thought Stamford looked rather civilised.

rezzle Thu 16-Aug-12 14:33:30

How close do you want to be from London? It's worth remembering that most of the county (at least up to Yorkshire) is within about 2 hours of London. If you're looking for less academic/selective schools then IMO you're more likely to find them further north, although I could be completely wrong.

YouBrokeMySmoulder Thu 16-Aug-12 14:33:47

the drama link for King Edwards is here

rezzle Thu 16-Aug-12 14:33:52

Sorry, how close do you want to be to London.

SRGR Thu 16-Aug-12 18:05:39

Any place within a 3 hour reach and not beyond

rezzle Thu 16-Aug-12 20:38:39

Realistically, within three hours you can get as far north as York, and most places in between there and London (dependent on travel links).

happygardening Thu 16-Aug-12 22:46:49

We found from bitter experience that you don't want your DC to be at a boarding school more than 1 1/2 hours (one way) from your home/guardian/significant family. For two years our DS's boarding school was over three and a half away hours (if you were lucky with the traffic) by the time he left every journey was a chore we never attended any functions at the school including plays concerts and parent teacher meetings and any short exeat was just a nightmare. If we had to get them due to illness we were reluctant to take them back if a holiday/exeat was coming up. You feel very detached from their lives at school.
We are now about 1 and 1/4 hours away and regularly attend plays etc.
Also do look carefully into public transport links especially on Sundays we are only the next county from my DS's current school but the journey by train takes 2 1/2 hours involves at least two changes and us driving for 30 mins to the station to pick him up!
Ask yourself can you fairly comfortably get to the school to watch a play in a evening? Or can they get home for a few hours on Sunday for Mother's day or a significant birthday.

Mutteroo Fri 17-Aug-12 02:45:34

Ditto what HG said. We were 40mins (on a good day) to 1 hour away from DS school which made it easier to attend all events & also was easy to bring home of Saturdays. Find a school which offers excellent weekend activities. These encourage the weekly boarders to stay with the full boarders thus giving your Dc more friends to hang out with.

Have you thought about Roedean? Large cohort of overseas boarders in sixth form. It's in Brighton which always has a lot going on & just an hour from London. As most schools it becomes more academic in the latter years but may be worth taking a look?

SRGR Fri 16-Nov-12 19:03:15

DD cleared the entrance test for Malvern. Results from other schools yet to come. Anyone with any DC at Malvern? Should one consider this seriously. DD is not very adventurous and would need a very safe environment. Any comments?

goinggetstough Fri 16-Nov-12 19:40:40

I have friends with DCs of various abilities who are at Malvern. Their parents are very pleased with the school. The pastoral care is good so definitely keep in on your list as a serious contender. Whereas did you apply for in the end?

goinggetstough Fri 16-Nov-12 19:41:47

That was meant to say....Where else did you apply?

SRGR Sat 17-Nov-12 05:22:27

Charterhouse and Shrewsbury and we'll know results by Dec. if one has to go by league tables, Malvern shows a dip in results over the last three years. Is it got to do with the whole negative buzz of students being expelled in 2010. I wonder.

Ginandtonicandamassageplease Tue 20-Nov-12 17:11:56

What about Millfield if she's sporty? Or Priorsfield is a lovely school and straight down the A3?

Very interested in grovel's views on Wellington. I'm an OW but I'm sadly inclined to agree. I was there in the "good-old-days" under a different master. Now it's co-ed and it's packed out with Ferraris rather than fourth generation Land Rovers!

SRGR Tue 20-Nov-12 17:28:19

Guess must be late for registrations now. Its not an easy job to pick the right school for DC even if the school picks you...can only think of a two day break to just put away all confusion or think in peace...or not think at all

SRGR Mon 03-Dec-12 07:37:00

DD got into Charterhouse. Tempted to take it being close to London and a good international community!

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