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Uppingham - still ok?

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Striped Wed 01-Aug-12 17:21:43

Sister's family returning from Australia and considering Uppingham for their ds and dd, both pretty bright. It used to be a good all-round school in my day but don't know much about it now - is it still worth the money?

petalpower Wed 01-Aug-12 19:11:12

Still has a very good reputation as far as I know. Very expensive I think though. Niece went there and nephew starting there in September.

jo164 Wed 01-Aug-12 21:28:26

If they like that area of the country, have they looked at Oakham as well. Good school, decent percentage of boarders, encourage all aspects of school life, academics, sport, arts, music etc? It also has a long tradition of Co-ed. My knowledge of the 2 schools goes back 10 yrs or so now though, so I am sure someone with more recent experience may be along to help.

EdithWeston Wed 01-Aug-12 21:33:52

Uppingham went through a really bad patch a few years ago, but it's recovering.

I think Oakham is a very good school - it was extremely good under the (recently moved on) Dr Spence and is still doing well.

happygardening Wed 01-Aug-12 22:34:25

We know a few children there and all are very pleased with it. Lots of county types very Boden/twin set and pearls. Oakham is also well regarded but I believe Uppingham is only full boarding or at least only a handful of day children which may be a good thing depending on your point of view where as Oakham has a mixture of day, flexi, weekly and full boarding. At Uppingham the children eat in the boarding houses this is fairly unusual. They do the same thing at my DS's school and he likes it but others will give you reasons why communal dinning is better. The fees are on a par with other full boarding schools if not marginally cheaper than some!

Sharpkat Wed 01-Aug-12 22:37:35

Would second/third Oakham as being a better alternative. Definitely more co-ed an seems to have outshone Uppingham recently.

Am an old Oakhamian but keep a watchful eye over these things. Have to say I am very impressed with the newish headmaster and the direction he is taking Oakham.

Mutteroo Wed 01-Aug-12 22:55:43

Niece & nephews attended Uppingham. All very happy. They have friends wh go/went to Oakham & were very happy however these were day pupils not boarders. Uppingham full boarding & according to sis in law it's more traditional than Oakham which they preferred.

happygardening Thu 02-Aug-12 00:32:53

I would second the Uppingham is more traditional statement. It has cone in for quite a lot of criticism on MN and lots of implied problems but the parents we know their are pretty intolerant of the problems impied by some and would have quickly removed their DCs if the problems had been very significant.

happygardening Thu 02-Aug-12 00:55:05

If youre looking for coed full boarding Marlborough is good for the "pretty bright" probably slightly more academic than Oakham and Upingham but it is over subscribed good motorway links with London. Kings Canterbury is another one to consider and of course it is in Canterbury which is a nice small civilised city a world heritage site etc and teenagers I think quite like full boarding in cities least mind does but then we're rural.

Musomathsci Thu 02-Aug-12 00:58:48

I know 2 families with children there - very happy with it. Especially good if they're musical.

Striped Sun 26-Aug-12 09:05:46

Thanks all - really useful. I'll pass this on to my sis, who's coming over at Christmas for a recce. Interesting you say Uppingham went through a recent bad patch Edith and happygardening - how bad was it?

happygardening Sun 26-Aug-12 12:33:22

I dont know anything about the "bad patch" Uppingham went through all comments were on MN. As I've already said we know two - three families with children there and their children are of all ages (boys and girls) and even going back five/six years they were exceedingly positive about it. All have sent their second/third children there. The comments on MN were I think about bullying and drugs etc but I've never heard an single piece of gossip about it in all the time I stood on the side of prep school rugby pitch. Personally I would ignore the comments schools go through phases where they are very fashionable or not and there is often gossip flying around I know of two very well know senior boarding schools where gossip abounds and that in one case some of the rumours of insufficient supervision are/were true but your sister should go and look for herself and make up her own mind.

Littlebluetoo Sun 26-Aug-12 16:10:47

Just google Uppingham school and bullying. You can make your own judgement. Personally I think it showed the head wasn't going to put up with any bullying behaviour and had the guts to do something about it even if the pupils didn't like his methods. Speaking as someone who was bullied at boarding school, it is very easy for others to play the "oh it wasn't anything really. What an over reaction". It is something and it is not an over reaction and the parents don't normally know its going on as the bullies don't tell them and the bullied are often too ashamed. I have no eveidence but I don't think the head would not done what he did without due cause.

kerrygrey Sun 26-Aug-12 17:52:41

If you ask Uppingham for a prospectus they will enclose a DVD with it. If you can stomach the parents who are interviewed there you may like the school. Bargepole territory for me immediately. Not suggesting all their parents are like that, but these are the ones they chose to showcase. Oakham every time!

Littlebluetoo Sun 26-Aug-12 18:33:46

Actually if you have e choice I would vote for Oakham as well! Good thing as she starts there in a week.

Striped Fri 21-Sep-12 10:24:09

Thanks all - really useful. Sis will have a busy time touring I think!

Butkin Fri 21-Sep-12 15:40:37

I have colleagues who went there and now colleague with a DS at Uppingham. Only positive comments from them.

Dustylaw Sat 22-Sep-12 10:10:02

The children I know there are bright, musical, sporty and happy. Their parents chose Uppingham because it was all round strong with everyone boarding and no massive weekend exit. Oakham - heard good things but there are objective differences like half and half boarders - usual thing of can only visit and see.

meditrina Sat 22-Sep-12 10:26:06

You can google for the difficulties Uppingham had, as they made the press. But it's a few years ago now, so something to ask the school about to establish if you are happy that it is all now firmly in the past.

Marymarymary Mon 15-Jun-15 18:03:46

Uppingham is a lovely school.

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