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Any views on Southend independents? Particularly thinking of St Hilda's

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imperfectparent Fri 27-Apr-12 21:45:23

Feeling a little bit half hearted about the local secondary options and would be grateful for any views on private options

BrigitBigKnickers Sat 28-Apr-12 13:18:33

I have friends whose DDs went to St Hilda's and were very happy with it- Their results seem quite good considering they are not selective.

If you are considering independent have you considered Brentwood?- easy to get to by train from Southend. DD1 goes there and it is just fab! They have an entrance test which is a little easier than the 11+ (more writing and longer to complete the VR- most kids with decent level 4s can pass)

Are Westcliff or Southend out of the question? DD2 is at Westcliff and I can't fault it-great school.

imperfectparent Sun 29-Apr-12 08:18:54

Thank you. The thinking is that we need a plan B to the grammars but think that girls only might be an advantage. Our main misgivings are that St Hilda's may be a bit too small and have more of a primary school feel to it. The small classes might get the best results out of her but it might not feel like big school if you know what I mean. We just wondered if others could convey their experience. Very pleased your friend's experience was good. We haven't heard anything bad. Everyone has been very positive.

BrigitBigKnickers Sun 29-Apr-12 10:31:33

Brentwood is co-ed but they teach them separately until VIth form- best of both worlds IMO.

My DD was at another small co-ed Private school (very small classes too- not always an advantage though-if the teaching is crap the teaching is crap) and there was a distict disadvantage to it- not much choice when it came to friends and one or two nasties can mean there is nowhere to turn if they decide you are not in favour- it's one of the main reasons we moved her to Brentwood.

breward Sun 29-Apr-12 10:33:32

What about Thorpe Hall? My friend's DC go there in the senior school and are very happy. I have been to see some of their drama productions and they are outstanding. I'm afraid this is the only experience I have of the school, but their results for a non-selective school (91% 5 A*-C last year) are great compared to other Southend non-selectives/comps. My friend's DD got 2 a* at GCSE early and is on to get 9 more this summer. She is also going on to Grammar school for 6th form, like lots do from that school.

Might be worth a look.

BrigitBigKnickers Sun 29-Apr-12 11:13:32

I have heard good things about Thorpe hall too- might be worth a look>

imperfectparent Sun 29-Apr-12 22:34:45

I will definitely be viewing Thorpe Hall. They have an open day on 7th July. I've already looked at St Hilda's. It is useful to get the views of others as it helps to cut through the PR machine. Schools have become very slick at presenting their best face. In the end you just have to go with the best advice and plump for the school that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.

Westcliffmum70 Fri 20-Sep-13 20:01:39

Yeah I'd agree. Also, for those looking for independent schools if your kids don't quite make it at the 11 plus Thorpe Hall is by far the best option. Cheaper, better facilities and comparable results to St Hilda's. It also has enough children for your son/daughter to socialise with - I think at last count St Hilda's has below 50 in the senior school.

Muminamuddle71 Tue 24-Sep-13 10:46:12

My DC go to Thorpe Hall and I really can't fault it. Friends DC left this summer with mainly A* and A grades at GCSE and are both now at Grammar's for 6th form. IMHO the staff are really dedicated and care above and beyond about my DS's progress and wellbeing. The class sizes are nice and small but overall the school numbers are high enough for a good balance and plenty of social interaction. It also has some great, modern facilities which you just don't get with smaller independent schools. I think I visited them all when we were choosing and I'm very happy with the choice we made. HTH.

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