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More house school knightsbridge or Queens college london?

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milliemac11 Thu 26-Apr-12 15:39:44

I am moving my other daughter who is in year 7 to a Public school in London. However I am unsure of which schools to send her to I've visited both and they seem like two positive environments but I am unaware of the parental reputation of each establishment. If you have any info on both schools please let me know, I am hoping to move her for year 8.

BeingFluffy Thu 26-Apr-12 20:03:33

I know a couple of families with daughters at Queens Gate and they are very happy with it. It has a good reputation for music and also with special needs from what I gather. I saw some really awful racist bullying behaviour on a bus a couple of years ago in respect of some More House girls and that really put me off that school, but I don't know anyone that goes there.

BeingFluffy Thu 26-Apr-12 20:08:47

OOPs so sorry just realised you meant Queens College blush
Why just those two schools - are they the only ones with vacancies?

ErinSparrow Fri 19-Apr-13 12:00:56

I live in the Chelsea area and have a couple of friends with daughters at More House. Their girls have thrived at the school and I haven't heard many bad things said about it. Queens Gate has a good rep too though so i think its just down to which environment your daughter feels more at home in. Good luck!

Needmoresleep Fri 19-Apr-13 12:17:36

I dont know too much about these schools other that that they are, as you will have seen, quite small. We know a girl from each who switched to co-ed at 13 simply because they were looking for something less sheltered, but I dont think there were concerns about the schools themselves. Neither are seen as an obvious choice for academic high flyers, but we know a bright girl at More House who is doing very well.

Either ought to be the right school for the right girl. Queens College used to have a reputation for rich kids and poor discipline, but this was a while ago. The thing that would worry me might be that given the small size of each school if a clique were to form in a year group and your daughter was not part of it, or you did not want your daughter to be part of it, there would not be much place to hide. Equally though if it is a good year group your daughter could be in a bonded and supportive environment. Rich parents are inevitable at both, but this does not necessarily mean that their children wont be nice and hard working.

Did you try QueensGate and 2x Francis Holland? St James is also seen as an alternative. Or if your daughter is fairly academic one option would be two years at a Prep (Thomas', Newton, Hill House) and then a shot at the West and South London Schools (JAGs and Alleyns run a bus from Chelsea).

majurormi Fri 19-Apr-13 13:22:13

Both good schools. More House is definitely the leat academic girls school in that part of London and take many girls with SEN. That being said the girls are lovely, happy and seem to thrive. If your child is a bit academic I would look elsewhere. Have you thought of Queens Gate to Francis Holland? Farther afield Putney High or Wimbledom High?

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