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West London Free School

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epidus Mon 19-Mar-12 13:21:09

Anyone know of any current pupils? How is it going so far?? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

vivat Tue 20-Mar-12 11:28:26

yes, I know parents of several pupils in current year 7. All very happy so far - as it's the only year they get the full focus of the (excellent) teachers.

ingok Wed 28-Mar-12 15:00:57

We are very happy with the school so far and our son is fully enjoying the experience both academically and socially. Considering the fact that the school is barely six months old it is remarkable what the head and his staff and the governors have already achieved in terms of enthusiasm,dedication and positive energy the school exudes. Yes there are still teething problems, homework loads need to be better calibrated, and it will take a couple of years before they will move into the more appealing Palingswick house site. But overall it has given us and our child the choice - which was non existent in Hammersmith before - of going to a good school that is open to all children and that has the ambition and drive to compete with the best state and independent secondary schools in the area.

choccyp1g Wed 28-Mar-12 15:06:58

What do you think will be the effect of this years Y7s always being the oldest in the school?
Some infants around here are expanding into primaries, which means from Y2 until Y6, that cohort will be the oldest, and I wonder if there have been any studies on this subject.

BarryShitpeas Wed 28-Mar-12 15:11:00

ingok- there was a choice of schools in Hammersmith before.

ingok Wed 28-Mar-12 15:20:24

I am very pleased that our child is not socialising with older children or 6 formers for the time being. Plus there is a strong sense of pride among the Y7s of being pioneers of the school.

ingok Wed 28-Mar-12 15:25:09

Barryshitpeas - not sure what credible alternative secondary non faith state school in w6 you had in mind

hardboiled Wed 28-Mar-12 16:33:02

Ingok, do you feel the academic level is as challenging as they promise it to be? Is there any difference with a good comp besides the small class size?

ingok Wed 28-Mar-12 17:51:49

I think the academic level is overall good for a Y7 group of mixed ability children. The small size class of 24 students works well but above all I think the school's ethos and approach is encompassing across all abilities and social backgrounds. I think this also works thanks to the attentive group of teachers who are motivated and committed to make this school a stimulating learning experience. I wish to add that parents from all backgrounds are also actively involved and encouraged to play an important role in participating and supporting the school from fundraising, to music and other social events.
Of course there is room for improvement and I welcome any critical comments/suggestions from other parents. As mentioned before I believe the homework flow is uneven and could be more rigorous at times (particularly maths), the logistics of getting the pupils to the various sport activities is not always efficient, IT or lab facilities are limited etc. But overall I believe that so far the foundations for a good and successful and credible comprehensive/grammar hybrid school are in place.

Skywalker11 Fri 30-Mar-12 22:18:21

I agree with most of Ingok's and others comments. There are some teething problems, mainly organisational, due to the WLFS limited track record but the school is addressing them. The teachers are mostly excellent, the children are well supported and encouraged to learn, perform and compete in a number of activities. The school clubs are varied and include a wide range of sports, languages, music - led by the excellent Mr Watkins- with school trips to France, Italy or sailing in Devon. Not bad for a school that is only 8 months old!

brandpuppy Mon 15-Jun-15 23:27:44

the jury's still out. anyone know whats going on?

Giraffe44 Tue 16-Jun-15 05:43:34


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