Gunnersbury waiting list - do we stand a chance?

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minesawine Sun 17-Feb-13 18:43:23

I agree with JenaiMorris. Why comment on such an old thread. Wesrend's DS will be well into Year 7 now so what is the point. If you have an issue with CW than say so, but leaving cryptic messages does not help anyone. It's just irritating.

JenaiMorris Sat 16-Feb-13 10:16:12

Do people do searches on specific schools to bad mouth them?

This thread was started almost a year ago.

QueenOfCats Sat 16-Feb-13 09:27:53

I agree with bionicmother that CW is most certainly not all that it seems.

bionicmother Sat 16-Feb-13 09:21:24

One thing to remember about Wiseman is that they have 2000 pupils now. If you thing your child will be happy then go for it. The school has good reputation but it is not all that it seems.

minesawine Tue 20-Mar-12 13:59:56

Hi Westend. I know Gunnersbury is an excellent school. I am sure your son will have a great time at Cardinal Wisemans and the building work looks fantastic, very impressive. But very big!!

Westend Fri 16-Mar-12 21:11:46

We accepted the place. I know it is a good school with high league-table rankings but not necessarily the school for my son. Gunnersbury knows about how to bring out the best in boys and I also liked the traditional / history aspect of the school. Anyway my son seems happy but I won't be buying the uniform until the last last minute just in case.

minesawine Wed 07-Mar-12 12:49:35

smacunning - Sorry to hear that. Will you appeal? If she gets in then it will be worth it. There is lots of talk at our school about how many did not get into Cardinal Wiseman. Lots of unhappy parents

smacunning Tue 06-Mar-12 12:08:06

Dear Westend....... I am one of the hundreds of familes who did NOT get a place at Cardinal Wiseman..... I would be happy to trade places with you!!!My daughter got offered her 5th choice school!!!

minesawine Mon 05-Mar-12 13:59:39

My friend in Northolt got turned down by Gunnersbury on distance as well. Her DD also got offered Cardinal Wiseman. It is a really good school and offer a great education. Top 3% in the country.

Tortu Sun 04-Mar-12 21:31:49

I know it's a long way away, but Cardinal Wiseman is very highly regarded.

Tw1nmummy Sun 04-Mar-12 16:44:23

I think lots of people are holding multiple offers from private schools plus a state offer ( I know of many) and things will all settle down over the coming weeks

MrsJoeDuffy Sun 04-Mar-12 14:05:12

you live in Houslow but you got offered an Ealing school? confused

serendipity16 Sun 04-Mar-12 09:46:12

Hi. I live in h&f and my son didn't get into Gunnersbury either, he got St Thomas More in Chelsea which was our 5th choice.
We had our letter from Gunnersbury on Friday which said my son was 8th for our deanary.... so i'm not expecting him to get to the top of our list.
I don't have any advice but just wanted to say i know how you're feeling, my son isn't too happy about the school he got & he's also putting a brave face on.
I hope someone comes along who knows more than i do.

Westend Sat 03-Mar-12 09:35:17

We didn't get our first choice on offers day, instead it was our 3rd .... Cardinal Wiseman School in Greenford. We live in LB Hounslow (and Hounslow Deanary) but lost out on distance ... We are the waiting list, does anyone have any experience of success with this?
Who in my deanary would refuse a place at Gunnersbury? Should we forget about and get used to the idea of Cardinal Wiseman .... ? My son is keeping a brave face but is desperately disappointed.

Any information greatly appreciated.

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