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Independent schools in Staffordshire - any advice?

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Helenagrace Fri 24-Feb-12 21:49:49

The possibility of relocating has come up again. Our search area for now is Stafford and along the A449 corridor. We've identified Stafford Grammar, St Dominic's Girls, Abbots Bromley Girls and Chase Academy. Have I missed any? Does anyone know anything about these schools?

I will, at a push, consider state but feel very let down by state education so far so not getting my hopes up.

I'd also appreciate any tips on good and bad areas.


LadySybilDeChocolate Fri 24-Feb-12 21:54:51

A lot of children from ds's prep went to Denston, I think this is Uttoxeter so not sure if it's too far? I'm not sure of the others, I'm on the other side of Staffs/Derbyshire.

Helenagrace Fri 24-Feb-12 22:22:07

Thanks for that. I think that might be ok in distance terms. I'll call them.

Do you know how those children are getting on?

PotteringAlong Fri 24-Feb-12 22:27:46

Walton school in Stafford is an excellent state school (thought I'd throw that into the mix!).

Chase academy has a good reputation but is small and based in asda's carpark (really!) so looks a bit dodgy.

sashh Sat 25-Feb-12 05:49:07

Is DC female?

Wolverhampton Girls' High is consistently one of the top perfcorming school - no good if you are a boy though, and dependign where in Stafford you are may be difficult to get to.

marialuisa Sat 25-Feb-12 06:21:16

We know a fair few girls at Abbots Bromley, get the feeling it's pleasant enough but not a particularly academic school-excellent if your DD is into dance or ponies.

There's also Abbotsholme (has its own farm). It has long days though and I think Saturday school (like Denstone college).

slalomsuki Sat 25-Feb-12 06:24:01

Wolverhampton Grammar School run busses in from Stafford. Good school and more rounded thank some others locally.

kerrygrey Sat 25-Feb-12 06:28:57

Abbots Bromley suffered a few years ago from a Head who was an unmitigated c*w. The new one has been in place for a couple of years and the school is good again. They are unselective and still get the best results in the county, as well as having horses, ballet studio and lots of extras.
There are also St Bede's Prep (Rugeley) and Lichfield Cathedral School, but I know nothing about them. Local talk has it that the Cathedral school is on the up

kerrygrey Sat 25-Feb-12 06:56:56

...if you should find yourself a bit further north (Derbyshire) I can unhesitatingly recommend S Anselm's in Bakewell. Unselective but more than half the Y8s get scholarships (not a hothouse tho'), loads of extras, pastoral care second to none, SN provision, and the kids are lovely. I know one who cries if kept at home when unwell. Boarders love it too - by Y6 most are pestering their parents to let them board.

Disclaimer - I don't work for/own this school! Do have near relation their

Helenagrace Sat 25-Feb-12 08:22:38

Thanks for those tips.

I should have clarified that I have a DD in year 5 and a DS in year 1. DD is currently in a selective girls school. DS is in a state infants but we were planning to go private from year 3.

DD has dyslexia, dyspraxia and dysgraphia. State SEN provision has been dire, when it's been offered at all.

LadySybilDeChocolate Sat 25-Feb-12 14:38:50

All the parents I've spoken to are very happy with Denston. Ms son's at Nottingham High, he wasn't too happy at the thought of Saturday classes. I used to live in Cannock. Cannock Chase is lovely but there's very little else there. The town centre isn't huge. Stafford is larger, avoid the hospital though!

headless Sat 25-Feb-12 16:46:39

Abbotsholme has a very strong dyslexia department. Worth a look around, but might be just outside of your search area. Very 'outdoorsy'.

DancingQueen01 Tue 06-Mar-12 07:17:03

St Dominic's Priory School in Stone is a very good school taking girls from 18 months- 18 years and Boys from 18 months-11 years. It has an open morning this Saturday from 9.30-2. Definatley worth a look around!

derbyshirebound999 Tue 22-Apr-14 19:29:09

How do these girls find it? We are intrigued by AB and can find no faults..

twentyten Tue 22-Apr-14 22:24:05

Ab not the most academic. Please pm me for info on Stafford grammar/ Walton / den stone

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