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Does anyone know if you can make late applications to independent schools?

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Zed4 Tue 21-Feb-12 19:50:24

Can anyone one give any advice re any independent schools in the Sutton, Kingston, Croydon areas where you can make late applications ? My twins applied to Whitgift and Trinity and unfortunately did not get offered a place at either, in hindsight I should have considered other less competitive schools. I am very worried about the school that may be allocated to them through the state system and just feel we need a back up. Any advice re submitting late applications and any suggestions for appropriate schools gratefully received! Thank-you.

maddiemostmerry Tue 21-Feb-12 20:46:46

My friend got Bishop Challoner, in Bromley on late application a few years ago.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Tue 21-Feb-12 20:49:41

Er just phone a few up and speak to the bursar/admissions secretary. Round here if you can pay you've got a place - doesn't matter when you apply.

Coconutty Tue 21-Feb-12 20:57:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fluffyhamster Tue 21-Feb-12 21:42:46

Are they in a prep school now? If so, the Head should be advising you and making those calls!

Ladymuck Tue 21-Feb-12 21:53:06

Royal Russell and Ewell Castle are both worth a call. Could always talk to Cumnor House and see if they will take them for 13+ - lots of boys who fail at 11 end up with places, and occasionally even scholarships at the schools which previously rejected them. Definitely worth calling most schools after 1st March which is when the grammar school applicants make their choices.

Zed4 Wed 22-Feb-12 09:46:05

Wow, logged on not expecting any responses and already in a few hours 6 replies - Thank-you! My twins are not in prep school, just the old state system, I was really hoping they would get bursary/sports scholarship at Whitgift/Trinity. Many thanks for all the suggestions - will defintely call the schools you have all mentioned and think about taking out that second mortgage!

Caoimhe Wed 22-Feb-12 10:54:29

Agree re Ewell Castle and Bishop Challoner - the latter has an exam sitting in March.

Depending on where you live it is worth contacting St Dunstans in Catford and Colfes in Lee.

Zed4 Wed 22-Feb-12 12:24:32

Thank-you Caoimhe for the school suggestions. I will definitely look into all of these. I have heard good things about St Dunstans and Colfes, not sure about Bishop Challoner? Any more suggestions - please keep them coming. Thanks every-one!

SWStressed Wed 22-Feb-12 12:51:02

Would say St Dunstans is definitely a good bet, it is not so competitive

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Wed 22-Feb-12 13:17:42

Wot others said - I posted on another thread this morning about two families I know who applied after the offers had gone out, long after the 'official' close date - one to St James's and one to Hampton. Both boys were given tests - both offered places, and the Hampton boy was given an eye-watering scholarship - so no harm in ringing round.

Zed4 Wed 22-Feb-12 17:48:55

Thanks SWStressed will give St Dunstans serious thought.

Zed4 Wed 22-Feb-12 17:50:58

MrsGuyOf Gisbourne - interesting news about St James and Hampton - did these families apply last year? I am keen to find somewhere that has good sports facilities too. Thanks for this information

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Wed 22-Feb-12 18:44:43

Zed4 the St James was last year, the Hampton was three years ago.
Good luck!!!!

Zed4 Thu 23-Feb-12 14:10:28

Thank-you Mrs G of G !!

Muminlondon9 Mon 03-Mar-14 11:48:35

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