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Maharishi free school - anyone with kids at a Maharishi school?

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Hanikam Wed 01-Feb-12 13:01:18

new to mums net, so please excuse any breach of protocol!

I have three children and my eldest will be moving to secondary school in 2013. Near us are two good, oversubscribed secondary schools and several fee paying schools (that we don't have a hope in hell of paying for!). New on the scene is a Maharishi Free School opening in Rendlesham (I think) in Suffolk.

Does anyone have any experience of Maharishi schools? What advice do you have when comparing secondary schools? Is bigger better (more subject choice) or would a smaller school be more nurturing?

All help and advice very welcome!

Daisymclines Sun 05-Feb-12 16:27:27

Hi - my two DDs went to the Maharishi School in Lancs till they were 16, then to a massive 6th form college. They had a great time at the Maharishi School - friendly, welcoming, no bullying. Not all subjects available to them but they got a ton of good grades at GCSE and then went on to do well at A Levels and Uni. I was worried about them leaving a small nurturing school for a college with 1700 kids in two years but their time at the Maharishi School seemed to give them a kind of inner strength and confidence so that they thrived (and still are thriving). I would say, go for it. You can give them the extra Spanish or gym or whatever classes but if the school give them the confidence in themselves to achieve, that's priceless. Come back to me if you want to know more.

Daisymclines Sun 05-Feb-12 16:28:51

Sorry - what I meant to say was "1700 kids in two year groups", i.e. 850 per year.

mrswoodentop Sun 05-Feb-12 19:27:10

Have you thought about the Saxmundham Free school or would that be too far for you?

MFSbarry Wed 08-Feb-12 06:40:11

To find out more about the Maharishi Free School in Suffolk for secondary school pupils there is a presentation Saturday February 11th at the Britten Pears Building, Snape Maltings IP171PS at 10.00 am or alternatively watch the 4 minute video at

Hanikam Tue 21-Feb-12 21:19:16

Thanks for your answers. I agree with you daisymclines, my three go to a Reggio emilia primary, similar ethos to Montessori. It's a state school and we are so lucky to have it on our doorstep. There are only around 110 pupils in the school so everyone is known personally and the children feel nurtured and secure, giving them tremendous confidence compared with their peer group from other schools. However since my first post my DH has shown himself to be utterly opposed to anything other than the "tried n tested" Secondary, resulting in a couple of heated discussions! So, thanks anyway but this plan has been firmly squashed.

lancymum Tue 10-Jul-12 11:02:28

My 2 went to Maharishi School in Lancs from age 4-16, got 20 A and A* GCSEs between them, and ten years on still like to keep in touch with classmates/teachers. They are happy/confident, one is a hospital doctor, one is a journalist/snowboarder.

MFSbarry Sat 17-Nov-12 10:58:02

There is a presentation on the proposed Maharishi Free School in Suffolk on 28th November 7:30 pm Shire Hall, Market Square, Woodbridge

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