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2ndary schools - private vs grammar: Challoner/QE/Tiffin or MTS/Habs/Latymer Upper

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tumpa Sat 14-Jan-12 23:33:52

Hello all
Couldn't find any thread on indie vs grammar school topic and besides I have a specific choice question as mentioned above. Would appreciate individual views from all in terms of what you may have done in . Appreciate individual priorities/preferences will be unique and may be different from mine.

Here's my situation. have 2 DS currently going to prep sch, soon to be in secondary. We can possibly push and go private for both (hoping that we are giving them the best) by sacrificing other things including many holidays! My older DS is bright, creative ,at top half of his class in prep but needs individual attention. The younger DS is more bright and more shy!
My dillemma is: are the Grammar schools (e.g.Dr Challoner, QE) as good as the good indies like Merchant Taylors?
If my options become Challoner and MTS - which one to go for?
If it is Challoner or QE and Habs- which one to go for?

I guess one way of asking could be are the good Indies like MTS, Habs, Latymer Upper worth spending the 20K per child per yr. Or are you equally well off in good grammar schools assuming you land up in good universities in your chosen subjects in the end?

I would be grateful if you can answer all the questions above.
Thanks in advance,

Claygate Tue 21-May-13 11:54:22

Gobuddy, i think your comments about Tiffin are nonsense. You are not talking from true experience, you seem bitter and ignirant of what really happens at the school.

Claygate Tue 21-May-13 11:55:11

Ignorant....typing error in case someone wants to be petty.

Claygate Tue 21-May-13 11:58:56

No sleep says...What I dont fully understand is despite not making the cut for Grammar they will both, based on where they are within their cohort at their current schools, probably get better results than the average at Tiffin.

RUBBISH. You are guessing and stating it as a fact. What do you base that on. These forums are full of bitter petty people.

musu Tue 21-May-13 13:54:08

Zombie thread alert.

jrabean Mon 24-Mar-14 18:02:39

If you look at Oxbridge entry stats for MT vs Challenors, it seems that a child has a better chance getting in from a grammar school than a private.

This is probably because they allow for the extra help privates give.

I got into Oxford from a rubbish state comp and definitely got an easier ride than friends who got in from private.

I think it is however true that those in privates get a more rounded experience whereas bright kids in state education end up teaching themselves so often miss the broader educational experience. However the amazing resources on the web now probably narrow that gap.

If your kid is a self starter then state education is fine. If not then worth investing in private I think.

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