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secondary admissions 2013

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gloo Wed 04-Jan-12 11:37:43

Anyone know when the booklets etc will come out for this application round?
Anyone know if the admissions criteria are generally expected to be the same (I know local areas vary, but just wondered if there's any big sweeping national policy change that will affect all areas that I should know about!!)

mankyscotslass Mon 16-Jan-12 14:11:05

The most recent value added I can find is for 2010 - it was 970.8.

The one I want him to go to has a value added score of 1019.4

mankyscotslass Mon 16-Jan-12 14:11:47

Should have said, thanks for the pointers - he is my PFB, so I am flapping. smile

IndigoBell Mon 16-Jan-12 14:24:48

970 is not good. That would concern me. A lot sad

Tables aren't out for 2011 yet.

mankyscotslass Mon 16-Jan-12 14:27:57

I thought so. sad

Moving isn't an option for us so we will probably have to grin and bear it, and support him as much as we can.

Maybe so many parents will be bowled over by the shiney new premises that the school I prefer will not be as over subscribed as usual. smile

mankyscotslass Mon 16-Jan-12 14:31:33

2010 Headline scores:
5 GCSE A* to C incl. English & Maths: 39%

Pupils achieving GCSE A* to C in:
- English and maths: 39%
- 5 English Baccalaureate subjects: 1%
- Any 5 subjects: 57%
- 2 science subjects: 39%
- a modern foreign language: 7%

% pupils achieving any qualification: 99%
Value-added score: 970.8

Absence statistics:
Sessions missed due to absence (all): 7.8%
Missed due to unauthorised absence: 4%
Pupils persistently absent: 6.9%

Track record: 2007 2008 2009 2010
5 GCSE A* to C incl. English & Maths: 38% 37% 44% 39%

mankyscotslass Mon 16-Jan-12 14:32:15

posted too soon - that's the info from last years league tables for the school we are hoping to avoid.

IndigoBell Mon 16-Jan-12 14:34:49

A bit of tutoring can go a long way?

Certainly cheaper than moving house or going private......

Even so, I'd still concentrate on what the kids 'like him' are doing, rather than the whole school population. ie do you think he is an A student? Or a C student? (Is he predicted 4s or 5s in Y6?)

Can you find any parents of older kids 'like him'.

Do any kids come out with good As and A*s? If so, is there any reason why he can't be one of those kids?

mankyscotslass Mon 16-Jan-12 14:38:15

He is in YR5, was a 4b across the board when he finished YR4.

So I would hope he would be in the A & B's for ~GCSE, although I know SATS are not the only indicator.

Speaking to friends the results seem to be hit and miss really - I know a boy from across our road, got 5's in his YR6 DATS, three years ago, predicted b's across the board now.

CardyMow Tue 17-Jan-12 00:16:49

Can you belaborate on what you mean by 'Grammar schools that normally test after 31st October will now have to test before'? Does that mean that CRGS in Colchester, which normally tests in the November, will now have to test earlier? If so, that will mean my schedule for DS1 is about a month behind already!

11PlusAdvisor Tue 17-Jan-12 12:32:19

HuntyCat, new government code expected to become law this year says that admission authorities must "take all reasonable steps to inform parents of the outcome of selection tests before the closing date for secondary applications on 31 October so as to allow parents time to make an informed choice of school - while making clear that this does not equate to a guarantee of a selective place".

I suggest you contact CRGS to check their proposed arrangements. I expect a number of people will be caught out with these new rules.

And don't panic! You have plenty of time to prepare.

CardyMow Tue 17-Jan-12 23:54:45

11PlusAdvisor - it's not plenty of time if you are doing all the prep yourself, without a paid-for tutor. I am a Lone Parent on FSM. There is no money for a tutor, so I'm doing it all myself. This has put me 8 weeks behind schedule with the targets, so I am going to have to add in an extra 10 minutes of practice 2 days a week to fit it all in. Why hasn't this been widely reported? In fact, the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher of my DS1's primary school only found out about this LAST NIGHT themselves. And this is a state school, in the CRGS area, that routinely sends between 1 and 4 dc per year group on to CRGS!

CardyMow Tue 17-Jan-12 23:55:36

<<Sorry for thread hijack>>

11PlusAdvisor Wed 18-Jan-12 06:59:08

HuntyCat - helping your child yourself is, in my opinion, the best possible method of preparing your child for the 11 plus. You know your child better than any tutor will and you have the flexibility to concentrate on subject areas that need practice.

Good luck with your preparations.

DilysPrice Wed 18-Jan-12 13:52:15

<marks place>
<pours wine>

legallady Wed 18-Jan-12 14:54:18

The new timetable for many selective school exams won't just catch people out in terms of tutoring, it will also be relevant for getting supplementary forms in on time. Many schools that are moving their exams forward will require the registration form to be submitted before the end of the summer term (e.g. July 20th) whereas previously parents would have had until end september/beginning october to get the forms in.

Will schools really not allow children to sit the test if they miss the application deadline confused

CardyMow Thu 19-Jan-12 09:05:11

So when will the registration forms be AVAILABLE then? Because there isn't ^anything on the CRGS site about the changes at all. <<Doesn't want to miss date>>

gingeroots Thu 19-Jan-12 14:49:39

mmm indigobell..... but if you've got a quiet well behaved DS with supportive mc parents who is expected to get a C at GCSE you'll find he's ignored - all the schools attention will be on those who are borderline C/D and who need careful help to ensure a C and those who are achieving at B/A to help them get A .
And if your middle of the road C grade son fails he still won't get any help .
No doubt he's just lazy .

mankyscotslass Thu 19-Jan-12 18:56:01

I feel a bit sick waiting for the new league tables, last years for the school, as you can see above, was not good.

mankyscotslass Sat 21-Jan-12 16:20:37

Article by the BBC here about the new format for league tables which will be published next week.

I'm not sure I want to look. confused sad

ChippyMinton Sat 21-Jan-12 16:29:36

The grammar timescale changes haven't been widely reported. We are using a tutor for DS1, and she only found out via a newsletter from her daughter's grammar school. The tutors are very switched on though, and have already changed the timetable to accommodate the exams being 6 weeks earlier - sessions have been slotted into the Easter and half-term holidays.

Good point re deadlines for supplementary forms for grammars, and registering for the 11+ exams. Also the open days will probably be brought forward to the summer term.

It's a good change though, especially for those in areas where there are only 3 preferences on the CAF.

CardyMow Sat 21-Jan-12 23:10:39

I have found out that the DATE of the test in Essex will be Saturday 22nd September 2012, and the standardised results of the 11+ will be sent out to parents on the 16th October 2012.

The main problem? Essex LEA is refusing to decide a date that they will accept people APPLYING to sit the 11+ until after all the consultation deadlines on the 15th February.

So anyone in Essex that wishes to apply for their dc to do the 11+ will have to keep an eye on the CSSE site from the 15th February onwards.


CardyMow Sat 21-Jan-12 23:12:29

ChippyMinton - That's all well and good if you can AFFORD a tutor. When you have no choice but to do it all yourself - the loss of 6/8 weeks is horrid. Bucks aren't changing it until 2014, for the reason that they felt it was not enough notice for those who were to sit the test this year. Wish Essex had done the same.

ChippyMinton Sun 22-Jan-12 16:24:37

HuntyCat - not sure why you felt the need to comment on my financial status?

It's beside the point anyway, since ALL the children taking 11+ this year will have to adapt their preparation (paid for or otherwise) to the new timescale, so they are all equally disadvantaged.

Bucks admission arrangements for 2013 are out for consultation at the moment. Do you know for sure that they won't now take the opportunity to change the test/results dates?

mankyscotslass Thu 26-Jan-12 09:56:50

Secondary schools league tables are out.

mankyscotslass Wed 08-Feb-12 18:29:20

I can't believe the National Allocation days is going to be the 16th April Next year.

It is April 1st this year.

I'll be a nervous wreck.

And the CVa for the school we will get has not improved much, if any. sad

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