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secondary admissions 2013

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gloo Wed 04-Jan-12 11:37:43

Anyone know when the booklets etc will come out for this application round?
Anyone know if the admissions criteria are generally expected to be the same (I know local areas vary, but just wondered if there's any big sweeping national policy change that will affect all areas that I should know about!!)

mummytime Wed 04-Jan-12 12:08:35

No major changes. Will be changes as more schools become academies. The booklets tend to come out in September, but I would suggest visiting possibilities before then. (Prospectuses usually come out in the summer.)

mankyscotslass Wed 04-Jan-12 12:10:51

We have been told no changes here (at the moment).

We will get the information in September, our LEA now aim handle all applications on line.

We will be applying for a place for DS1, and I am already depressed about it.

IndieSkies Wed 04-Jan-12 12:13:17

Start your research now, though, as it can be very pressured reading all the prospectuses and making all the visits between September and the October half term when applications need to be in.
And some grammar schools start tests in September.

ChocolatEtVin Wed 04-Jan-12 12:22:09

manky, I'll join you in being depressed about it! Why is it so bad for you?

mankyscotslass Wed 04-Jan-12 12:37:07

Apart from being in denial about my PFB going to Secondary school, grin
reallistically we won't have a choice.

We will probably be allocated the new build school, which as just been opened amalgamating 2 failing schools. One was so bad that the entire board of govenors was sacked! The last joint GCSE results were concerning, to say the least, though they were celebrated as "best results ever". hmm

We would prefer him to go to the smaller all boys ex- grammar school, which judging from friends experiences would be a better fit for him. It also has a 6th form, which we like the idea of.

We are right on the edge of their furthest admitted pupil range, and though they do occasionally admit from our street, usually they don't.

Moving is not an option for us, so I am just hoping that when I go to the open days/evenings I will be bowled over by the new building and teachers at the school we will almost certainly be allocated. sad

What about you?

gloo Wed 04-Jan-12 13:03:06

Thanks, I thought the council application brochures came out this/next term, so people could do summer term visits. So they come out in Sept and you apply october - eek!
Just trying to sort it all out in my head. Feel I want to have a clear idea of what's what before letting my eldest think they have a real "choice".

miniwedge Wed 04-Jan-12 13:24:18

Good luck all! We had the joy of this last year.

It was utterly awful but all worked out for the best!

prh47bridge Wed 04-Jan-12 13:43:21

The admission arrangements for 2013 have to be finalised by 15th April. Some LAs publish information about admission arrangements on their websites shortly after this date, although this is harder to follow than the booklets they issue and doesn't include details of individual schools. It will, however, allow you to check the admission criteria for community schools. Academies, faith schools and free schools may publish their admission arrangements on their websites at a similar time, allowing you to check their admission criteria as well.

The booklets the LA issue should include information on what happened in 2012 admissions to help parents see how likely their child is to gain entry to a particular school. That means the booklets aren't going to come out until May/June at the earliest and, as this is a busy time for admissions departments, probably later than that. However, some LAs publish earlier than others so you may want to check with your LA as to when they expect to issue their bookelt.

As others have said, no sweeping policy changes for 2013 admissions. LAs and individual schools may make changes to their criteria but the overall framework is unchanged and they still have to comply with the 2010 Admissions Code.

ChocolatEtVin Wed 04-Jan-12 13:43:57

Well we have twins, one boy and one girl, and live in an area with plenty of girls schools but only one good co-ed (which has a miniscule catchment which is ever shrinking). At the moment it's looking like if neither get a place at the co-ed school we'll have to move as we have three younger DSs as well sad Oh and also they are my PFB grin

mankyscotslass Wed 04-Jan-12 13:49:37

We are lucky, and there is a very good girls school that historically our street always get into, so we should in theory be ok for DD, if the school suits her when her turn comes in 2 years time.

Just DS1 and DS2 that are giving me sleepless nights over schools, though DS2 is a different kettle of fish to DS1 and woulpd probable do ok at the new build.

Oh the joys of parenting.

ChocolatEtVin Wed 04-Jan-12 13:55:38

We are at the point of seriously considering moving, but anywhere with half decent schools is so expensive! We'll probably end up holding out and hope for the best.

mankyscotslass Wed 04-Jan-12 14:00:37

Moving really isn't an option for us, though if we could I think we would seriously consider it. I think Ds might get eaten alive at the new school - but it might all work out for the best.

tiredemma Wed 04-Jan-12 14:01:42

We moved in Feb 2010 in order to get into the catchment area of a fantastic school. Very stressful, higher mortgage etc but just couldn't cope with the thought of sending either of my children to my old secondary school (which was the closest at our old address).

Applied in October for our preferred school (DS1 is 1012 intake), I contacted the LEA to find out if we would have been in the catchment area in 2011 intake - last child in lived 1.6km - we live 1.3 so its tight.

Really hope he gets in.

I really do empathise, its such a stressful experience that really shouldn't be. I got quite emotional looking around schools, like I didn't want to admit that my 'baby' was going to 'big school'.

good luck everyone. I will let you know in March if we have been successful.

mankyscotslass Wed 04-Jan-12 14:11:12

Fingers x for you tiredemma.

IndieSkies Wed 04-Jan-12 18:54:35

ChocolatEtVin, these schools are often spoken of very favourably and seem to have at least part of a catchment which sounds as affordable as your area: BurntWood girls in Wandsworth, Chestnut Grove in Wandsworth, Dunraven in Lambeth, Harris Academy Crystal Palace, Elmgreen in Lambeth, Norbury Manor Girls. Though I realise that places for your boys seem more of a worry. What about Kingsdale?

IndieSkies Wed 04-Jan-12 18:58:25

Fingers crossed for you, TiredEmma.
Even if you don't get in in the first round of offers in March stay on the waiting list because places become available if people who have been given an offer turn it down (private school, grammar, moved house etc).
But you probably will get a place straight away.

ChocolatEtVin Wed 04-Jan-12 19:20:50

That's really useful, thanks Indie!

xyx Thu 05-Jan-12 17:01:16

Back to original post for a mo - the changes due by April will affect grammar school entry for 2013. Schools will have to give test results befor 31 Oct so we have time to include them (or not) on the CAF due back to LEAs by 31 Oct. So grammars which previously tested after 31 Oct will now have to change. Hope this makes sense. Check your school's admission policy as some have already noted the change.

mankyscotslass Sun 15-Jan-12 14:10:37

I'm even more depressed now - I just found a flier in the local rag, advertising the school we will almost certainly be allocated next years' GCSE results.

"Best ever" GCSE results 46% with A* to C on 5 or more GCSE's including Maths and English.

Target next year 55% hmm sad

Kez100 Sun 15-Jan-12 15:43:55

Our school had 46% in 2010 and 54% in 2011. It's a pretty good school. We lose about 15% of the potential cohort - the real top ability, to Grammar but there is quite a distance to travel to Grammar, so a few top ability who don't want the travelling stay here.

The thing is, if the school do lose some to Grammar and are truly all inclusive, maybe cover a deprived area too, then the results won't be as high as other schools. Doesn't mean they are not a good school.

I'd go and visit and get a feeling for it.

mankyscotslass Sun 15-Jan-12 15:58:18

Oh, we will go an visit, and am hoping to love it, but compared to the other school we want the results are not good.

We don't have grammars here, so it's a very mixed intake for both schools.

On the plus side it's just reopend in shiny brand new peremises, so everything will be bright and new and hopefully inspiring!

mankyscotslass Sun 15-Jan-12 16:00:40

In comparison, the school we would prefer for him, at the moment, has 74% achieving a*- c at GCSE including maths and english.

mankyscotslass Sun 15-Jan-12 16:01:34

Sorry, thats in 5 subjects including maths and English!

IndigoBell Mon 16-Jan-12 10:25:01

But it doesn't matter how many students get good results - it only matters what your kids get.

Most schools are streamed. So if 50% of kids are passing, that means that if your child is in a class which is in the top half of the school, then it's likely that they'll pass.

If your kid is bright and is in the top stream all the kids will probably pass.

I don't think you should worry about what grades the bottom set get, unless you expect your child to be in the bottom set.

If your child get's 4s or 5s in Year 6 then they should pass their GCSEs, regardless of the school they go to.

What is the value add of the school you're concerned about? Do most kids who get 4s or 5s pass?

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