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St George's School Harpenden

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hct123 Mon 05-Dec-11 11:26:12

I have a child whom i am desperate (like everyone else) to get into St Georges. I am a Christian and regular Church goer.

I live in St Albans so within the 10% catchment.

Is there any backdoor route?

what about the funding side of it, are people making financial contributions to help 'buy' their way in?

Are there any of you who have a child at St Georges?

Thanks very much for your time xx

ReallyTired Wed 10-Jul-13 09:20:48

I know I am resurrecting a zombie thread.

Its amusing that parents who want St George's on "faith" grounds are desperate to avoid Townsend Church of England school like the plague.

It would be amusing if St George's gave priority to parents who really want a faith school by giving priority to those who have put down other faith schools in the area as their second or third choices. (Ie. Nicky B, loretto, townsend)

I feel that giving priority to families where the parents attend different churches is unfair on single parent families and true christian families. If you want to bring your child up as a christian then its better to have the entire family attend the same church each week

Boo2004boo Fri 04-Oct-13 19:18:58

Hi....I'm not from St Albans so don't know too much about the daughter, Year 5, goes to a brilliant VA Cof E and we've been looking round secondary schools......just curious as to what is wrong with Townsend? Does it have a bad reputation???

Many thx x

stgofficial Mon 26-May-14 11:17:07

We are pleased that so many of the myths attached to the school application process and how schools like St George's apply their criteria have been put to rest by other contributors. To reply to "Really tired", St. George's is not allowed by the Admissions Code to know either to which other schools an applicant has applied, or where in their rankings their application to St. George's lies. Criteria have to be applied blind of this.

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