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Cheadle Hulme School

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Rosetti Mon 07-Nov-11 22:13:40

Has anyone any recent experience of senior school esp since the new head arrived? DD is very bright and thinking of sending her here but a bit worried about the schools past reputation - has it changed? confused Thanks

Grammaticus Wed 09-Nov-11 19:20:11

Yes it has changed, it had before the new head and she is very good. DS is right at the top of his year (we knew he would be but didn't like MGS) and is loving it. Great atmosphere, wide extra curricular, good sport and they are pushing music much more this year.

Rosetti Thu 10-Nov-11 12:21:54

oh good - thank you for that feedback Grammaticus - are going to the open day on Saturday. We are looking for a school that has good sport and drama but didn't want her to be bored and by the sound of it CH seemed to do all of them.

kimlek Mon 12-Nov-12 21:54:09

what past reputation is that?

Rosetti Mon 19-Nov-12 15:21:52

It was the place children went who had basically failed everywhere else!! We did not send our DC as it has not changed that much I'm afraid. New head is good but intake this year was not what we wanted. Think hard if you have bright children. We have opted for boarding.

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